Storage Blocks / Shop Stands

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Does anyone have any Black Storage Blocks or Black Shopping Stands for sale?

May possible be interested in Black Plinths as well.

Are you looking for the older, open storage blocks (The 4-slot variant that displays whats placed on each slot in world?) or closed storage boxes?

For the Black Storage Blocks - I’m looking for the 4 slot variant displaying the 4 slots.

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I’ve got 1,200 of those I’m willing to part with, where can I meet you at?

They are currently just taking up space in my storage, and would like to just get rid of them and give them to someone that will use them. :slight_smile:

TnT Hub? You sure you don’t want some coin? haha, i’ll take free for sure

Okay, I’m here. Look for CraftySeph

Coin not needed, but if you really want to, I won’t turn any down. :stuck_out_tongue:

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