Storage Blocks Vanishing [Resolved]

I don’t really need help with this, just didn’t know where else to post it but today when I break storage blocks to move them they disappear. Tried relogging to see if that would resolve it but they still vanish. Just posting this to give a heads up to the issue

so, you end up not picking up the storage blocks themselves?

yeah the storage block itself just vanishes into thin air, first thought it was invisible in inventory but they are not there anywhere.

that sounds like a serious issue. i’ve not had it at all yet, perhaps might try it to see if i get it too

Don’t know if the location matters but I am on elopor

oh good grief (insert massive facepalm) I didn’t realize that they stacked up with my shelves. My bad, disregard this post. I’m just gonna go over in the corner and hide for bit. :blush:


I’m going to mark this topic as [Resolved]