Storage Containers Space

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Could we see how much space the storage containers have on their tooltip please? Only the shelving and storage block currently have the information.


I do think this was an issue because of how the storage containers are coded or something like that. It’s a grouping or something of the smaller storage… ugh I really wish I could remember the technical comment I received to make this actually make sense. Sorry… hehe. I guess simply it was something like - regular storage block 4x is done differently that the larger storages we have. Maybe @lucadeltodecso can explain it so it makes sense on how things are different and if this is even possible with how they do it.

He want’s to know how much slots the container is going to have before crafting one. For the Plan Gleam Cabinet the description should be changed to read

A Gleam Cabinet for storing items, beautifully elegant despite its minimalist design. Can contain up to 24 smart stacks.


Should be a simple addition to the item descriptions in the (language).msgpack files… the only challenge I see is making sure the non english translations are correct too. Would also be an easy mod to create, but that does not help PS4 players.


At least for the German client, the new items and descriptions aren’t translated.

Ahh… thanks for the clarification. I was thinking like as you look after it once placed down to show used/free space…