Storage interface suggestion

With all the new item types we have now, I decided to expand my storage wall:

I know this is still quite modest compared to some warehouses I’ve seen, but for now it is enough for me :slight_smile: One thing that slightly annoys me though is when I open the storage interface, I can only access the 6x6 grid centered around the block I opened. If I want to access a slot outside the grid, I have to exit out and open a different storage block, even if the slot is just barely outside the grid. I think it would be nice if there was a way to ‘scroll’ the storage interface while inside it. Not like a scrollbar, but just directional buttons that would take you to the interface for the next storage block over. I created a high-quality mockup of what this might look like:


great idea! I think it wouldn’t hurt to use up that space we’ve got for 2 more columns as well… but i guess then how would you get there? what block would you click on :thinking:
hmm I do like the arrow scrolling idea :stuck_out_tongue:


good idea!!

I know there’s better things to be done but the shimmering orb drives me insane xD Can’t wait tell it’s fixed.

I wouldn’t mind seeing more visible slots on the storage UI. I am happy that at least we are able to see what’s where before we click on it. Instead of say… having a giant cluster of chests that you have to put signs on to remember how it’s all organized.