Storage solutions


Yeah the more I play the more I think I need gleam club, think Im gonna have to get it when I finish work, support the devs and all, probably a good idea before I redo my storage.


As the resident “Hate All Microtransactions” guy, it’s worth every penny…or your minimum currency of choice


hey does anybody have a link to a block color chart with the new planets included, I only have the one after the first batch of T6s were introduced?


In here, i think.


Yep got it, thanks a bunch


would be even better if the top/bottom were trap-doors opening upwards and downwards :smiley:


I just finished rebuilding the workshop (on the next floor down from the main storage wings), which has it’s own mass storage built in with ~750 storage blocks.


Looks really good @Stretchious but one question, how do you access your coils for repair?


Everything is accessible from the front and it still blocks you from walking into the beams


Everyone’s storage and workshops here look so good. :smile:

I’ve been working decently in a relatively small space by using shop stands for storage. I agree with the sentiment here that there ought to be a mass-storage “barrel” type of thing instead of shops, but whatever works I guess.

underneath I have this stone processing center specifically for mass refining stones.

I have a huge archive room in development for colors I don’t use or acquire in large quantities but until it’s finished, everything just gets dumped into “to-sort” bins or stored in my old base, which still has a big collection of blocks in various colors.

but seeing the awesome workshops here is making me want to give my place a makeover. lol!


I added some LEDs to the power generators :smiley:

and polished the outer workshop areas with additional storage


dilithium crystal powerup!!!


Not a huge setup and so will need to expand my rock section when I finish building with the gem world colours. Has lasted me a pretty long time and looks rather snazzy if I may say so.

Also doesn’t just look like a warehouse which is what I love about it most.


I’ve been working on this over the last two weeks (I’m a bit slow with specific projects) and I’m starting to think it won’t be good enough for what I wanted after all. Initially wanted this for storing more rock, but as I also moved machines to the same area, I realised I wanted to have the materials closer, rather than the less useful stuff like rock.


Just added storage extension underneath my workshop.
Still work in progress (wall skirting needed etc) but ready to accept my bags of cra…mined goods.

portal entry through middle waterfall in middle (wip)

emergency escape route

little garden features around edge


Looks really good! Any change I can visit your place?


youve got my favorite storage set up neighbor. Dont mind me poking around your basement :slight_smile:


Lmao thanks. You know I dont mind :smile:


can find portal to it in my workshop, for which there is a portal at my shop


I just use shop stands. 16 smart stacks per block compared to 4 on storage.
I keep forged tools and a few things in storage boxes but only for items that never need more then 1-2 spaces