Storage solutions


What kinda storage solutions you guys have ?would like to get some inspiration for my own storage space im working. Screenshots would be nice


Uhhhh what?


First one By planet.

Started a by color to…


Rly nice. Was thinking something as big.


I like the planet division, I did myself for some planets.
For the rest I usually adopt the chaos solution…
@Buugi I really needed this thread


I have a “by colour” build thats almost ready to show, maybe after work. Also changing up my current workshop / actual storage to a system i havent seen posted (might have missed it), a minimalist ninja solution. Remind me 4hours


I’ve seen massive warehouses that have inspired me but I kept it to a 5 high wall of storage with category signs above them like, “Manmade Items”, “Gleam”, “Animal”, “Plant”, “Wood”, etc…

HOWEVER, I am inspired by Heureka’s screenshot of the segregation by world and will implement something like that in my new underground base. Plus I like the lanterns above each section.


Good that im not the only one needing this . Heh


Not by a long shot mate


Naxie’s storage is kinda neat, starts off on the left with Common used items, then 3 9x9 plot areas with storage for each planet currently. 3 plots high


I made rock storage area by rock color. Nothin too big or fancy but i’ll post it later after work


Now thats huge and i cant imagine ever needing that much storage for my one character :joy:


it is indeed massive, but a nice to have option :stuck_out_tongue: also nice to know as a hoarder you have a 3x3 storage block for each item :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea im doing something like this soon but maybe on a much smaller scale. My regular storage is filling up even with all my rocks on another level


Sorry, I don’t have images but am working on a new arrangement so looking forward to what is stated here.
Right now I have my storage in sets of nine, three rows of three stacked. I have my rocks and stones separate and divided by type, all seddy, iggs and mettys by themselves. Sand and gravel are together and soil, peat and clay are together. Food is in another area where I have my furnaces for cooking but making a cooking/baking room at the moment where I will be putting what is needed for that in that room specific. I’m sure that over time I will have to even separate the sand, soil and other.
Crafting will be in another area with their own furnaces, crafting tables, machines and such. The items used to make things close together, such as iron, sackcloth, sap, glue, fibrous leaves and other type for making tools and weapons. Extra tools are together and weapons in crates beside each other. Extra items, such as the crates (bins), shelves, doors and other in one set and equipment/machines are in another set of storage crates. I’m trying to think ahead, how much more room will I need.

What I need to decide now is what am I going to make, what will I need to do that and how much am I going to get into it. Personal usage only, or extra to sell or lots to sell. What I decide will determine how much I will need of storage crates, room for them, room for the extra machines and other equipment.
Hope that helps.


Basic items storage.


I like the color scheme. Although gleam is just too much :stuck_out_tongue:


It is a large storage area, for sure. I had flashbacks of not finding help from a large retailer with aisles just like that.


“Previously, on hoarders” :joy:


There’s a sinkhole not too far from my base. I just throw everything in there, it disappears eventually.

I learned as a youth to travel light. You aren’t going to need it, and if you do, you can always get another one.