Storage solutions


No pics, but I’ve been using shop stands more and more, since they are compact and hold the most items for 1 block. It also forces me to stay organized and is very easy to see if I have an item in the wrong stand.


That is actually pretty neat trick that you see whats in there heh


How wide do you make your walkways between shelves? 1 never enough. 2 is quite narrow, works okay for an alcove but still clips my view edges. 3 seems the obvious choice, you can align rows with other 3x3 walls at the tip; but then i feel like I’m taking up a lot of space?


I put storage blocks in the ceiling above my crafting table leveling station and just dump 540 qty of rock Into the slots once all the cubbies are full I know I have enough to swallow a pie and level up


Oh man, I can’t help but think that stuff will fall out… hahahah Honestly, I never considered putting storage blocks straight into the ceiling. Hmmm…


You only see the underside you don’t see the contents but then my use case is pretty specific I guess. And I use a different colour on each direction so I know where igneous sedi and meta go


I have a 3x3 for each machine’s input, a 3x3 for its output and then a bit of ordered chaos around the walls also in 3x3 sections. I tend to keep things in sets from base material to most processed in vertical lines. So I have a wood section by wood type like this:


with all the Ancient together, Twisted together, etc. Same for Rock, Stone, Refined & Deco. Or Ore, Bar, Alloy, Compact, Refined, Decorative.

I am considering a move to by planet when the new base is finished as I’ll have enough storage then but I’m hesistant because it just means more running for everything. Now I have machine tops at floor level so the whole workshop is clear to move from storage to storage all in a 3x1 plot area. The only downside is as I progress I’m running out of space.

Good inspiration in this thread, thanks all.


yup, that’s how I’m rolling now too. They’re only 2x3 at the moment, but you could make them 8 blocks big as long as you keep the middle block (light grey one) accessible from below.

As an aside, it feels like the lag in my workshop has gone down considerably - maybe a dev could comment on whether hiding storage faces reduces the entity load on an area?

EDIT: the actual storage strips are 2x3 facing north-south, the little “tag” block showing contents is facing east-west. The tags melt together as one large 1 by x strip but the storage bits are isolated


You guys should go see Gorrilastomps build on Gravidias Te… It looks like the storage for all the items used by the universe… which he’s collected half of already :wink:


whole thing
own little corner for craftingtables
powercoils still in old base. but you get the idea.


You know that throws some options out there for sure, definitely gotta keep that in mind for my upgrade


Here’s my stone/timber storage

All the rooms are sorted by color. Rocks on the left, stones in the middle, refined/decorative to the right in each room.

(My red room rook looks orange since there is no red gleam in live yet. Had to use dark orange)


I saw a noteworthy setup randomly while scoping out another player’s build. Check out this awesomeness.

And behind the doors of course is the rest of the 3x3

(Don’t worry, I closed the doors after I took the photo)


Do you bother with dupe colours on different planets?
E.g segregate the black rock form multiple planets in to just one of the planets that has black rock or simply accept the duplicate colours in multiple storage blocks?


Completely up for this. Means I can build MASSIVE for a reason :stuck_out_tongue:
Think I will start tonight :slight_smile:


Your not Bane are you - in game name?

He has something very similar, rooms for each colour


No, i got duplicates. Then i can see if i can pick more then one block from a planet i visit.


My OCD would be kicking in knowing I have dupes haha

I like the planet divide and also the colour per room segregation as well as posted elsewhere.

Will need to work on a system that uses both somehow :smiley:
I currently have 4 high x 36 on each wall - 4 walls and am running out of storage room. I need to think bigger for my hoarding., I am already colour coded but they have added new colours on the new planets damn them :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha no my name in game is Mag


It is not conventional from what i see, but I store everything in shop stands. It just also happens to be a shop. I find it easy to see what is what, and each stand holds 16 smart stacks, far more than “storage” blocks, so I rarely have to double up. When I do, just toss another stand on top and you have 16 more slots.

Items are sorted left/right for Crafted/Drops
Front to back for most accessed.
The key is to have a middle isle to return to, and work your way from front to back, dropping off everything you picked up, until you have an empty inventory.

Seems to work well. Each isle has extra space at the end of the isles for expansion and added content items.