Storage solutions


Pretty cool storage units. But not big enough.

I want some better storage option instead of crafting tables and shop stands.


Back in beta, we built a community storage tower in Elop Portas;

It looked nice, and had plenty of storage… but was perhaps the most impractical storage unit ever built.

The infinite drop portal was hilarious though, and ended up bugging out and triggering a huge invasion of the city.


Those are your only 3 options (Storage/Shop/Crafting) =P. Sounds like you really want to use Storage Blocks.

I’ve always wanted to do a Library of sorts. Double sided rows, using the wooden Storage Shelf, each alphabetized. Except for the Soil/Rock/Trunk/Foliage, those would be organized by color, ROY G. BIV rainbow in order would look really nice.


What I am saying is asking the dev’s to make a 4th option.

also be cool if we could make gem shelves.


When i see people storage units. I always think “aint that a bit too big” like having 9 blocks for shimmerings example. That storage of mine is actually just for surface plants.


I try to keep my storage proportional to whatever I’m storing. I’ll have a whole bunch for things like Bones, Sap, Tallow and such, but fewer for Shimmering Orbs, like you said. Saying that though, if you’re a hoarder, like I am, you soon end up filling whatever storage you set aside - perhaps not 9 blocks for Shimmering Orbs (that would be 32,400 Shimmering Orbs, which nobody has) but a single block seems reasonable for the long term.


On tonight’s episode of I Snuck Into Someone Else’s Home And took Pictures Of Their Shelves…


Good find a13o. That is some artistic storage


This is prolly semtex s build in biitula.


Cardass, DFlame is autor

my old base :3
I was planning to decorate the machines like some power core

moar storages :3
first 3 - GorillaStomp’s

DFlame’s home, portal from Last Frontier


Cool builds, but not enough storage. I have 2mill rocks and stones, and hordes of yams and other ingredients. When you craft a lot, and multiple things, and stockpile like quite a few of you do, what we have now is not enough.

Great build here in the pics, but their storage is , cute.


i use shop stands for it, I don’t like useless big rooms


i use a mix myself to. But it’s hard to stack stands like shelves.

either way this all proves we need a 4th option. Shop stands are for selling. Using them is a band aid to an actual problem.


Totally agree, its time to release the advanced/mega storage block. Im thinking something that holds just one type of item, with a visual display similar to that of the current storage block, but holds a heckuva LOT (like 40 smart stacks instead of 4?) of that said item. So I can put all of my silk yellow rock in one block, dang that stuff builds up…


I just expanded my storage area. It looked really impressive until I started putting stuff into it.

Now it feels small again

Looking at this thread, I may have set my sights too small.


Yes Im way overdue to upgrade my storage, have just done some reno on my forge area, but wow I think where do I start, there is such a variety of items in this game, dont get me wrong that is a good thing, but gonna take some thought…


This is one of 4 storage wings in the Exodus - 648 containers - this wing is just for rock :laughing:

All 4 wings totals 2592 containers (not including all the general storage within the machine room itself)… hopefully it will be enough!


:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: You need a golf cart to get around your place lol awesome


So, I have a question about all of this…do you guys have off-site storage? Maybe a separate place connected by a portal?

These builds are massive and I can’t remember the last time I saw something that big. There is certainly no room in the cities.

Also, are you building under ground or above?


I do have an extra long reach grapple, which helps to pull yourself along from one end to the other lol

For me it’s all on site within the build.

Uh… a little of both - if you see the build, you will understand :wink:
We’re on Seginiakai if anyone wants to take a look (portal from the PS Seg hub)