Storage Sorter

Hi, Loving the game. Im just wondering if theres any changes in the pipeline regarding storage.
Im sure most people here are at a stage where they are getting lots of items in storage and I just want to know if theres any likelihood of some sort of storage sorting being looked at. I ask as I have spent many hours on different versions of another voxel game and have seen many storage options brought about by mods.
I loved messing around with sorting pipes and filters etc from thermal expansion but understand those sorts of things can cause issues with frame rates etc when pipes get backed up.
There is one mod that I have used which I think would really work well with our current system and would really just compliment it is called Storage Drawers this mod has many similarities to our current storage blocks, but the piece Id really like to see used as inspiration is the sorting block, which when connected to a bank of storage blocks acts as a one point sorter, in that you dump the items in there and it puts the blocks in the matching slot/stack or next open slot.
I think this would work really well with our smart stack arrangement we run now (which I love) and would just add a little quality of life. Just take a look before jumping on me for another stupid suggestion.
Cheers Ando


they could just make advanced storage, that auto sorted and could hold smart stacks, inside of smart stacks.

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before anyone says I know our system is close to this (which is why it could work) but we only see a limited number of storage blocks, this would just auto direct stuff to the right spot over a larger area. Like Odins suggested in a way, could be called an advanced storage block. Put it in the middle of a large bank and it does the rest. Just a thought…

I got tired of sorting my silverware drawer and just let chaos reign for a while. It felt good. Eventually I remembered why I kind of like the organizer. Maybe the same thing could work here. Stop organizing and just spam dump your items into the first empty space. It may even be more fun finding them in the aftermath than it is sorting them in the first place. Or you’ll remember why you like sorting. It’s win/win.

Something I like about a sorting block though is it would create a reason to connect storage blocks with something like spark links. Storage blocks are by far the most ubiquitous functional item in the game. So having another spatial game to play with them and coming up with great wiring layouts for them sounds like a lot of fun to me.


lol i smell a new gleam club feature.

No should definitely not be gleam club

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quality of life, not pay to win, increases profitability for the game. Everyone should have gleam club anyways.

That…that sounds horrifying. Everything must be in it’s place…

In fact, I just constructed a masive storage expansion…and I’m already wondering if I made it too small.

yes I also am about to undergo a massive storage upgrade, which is what got me thinking about this in the first place