Stormy's Farmhouse Kitchen now officially open!

The shop can be found through the food and brew section of Show Room(EU), which can be accessed through Lamblis Portal Seekers and the south section of TNT Megahub.

We have all brews

All food(though temporarily low on some shielding/protection foods until my supplier gets more in)

and all farming supplies in our Build-a-Farm section! You can look at all the different setups for a farm(Max Seed, Sustain, and Max Crop), decide which one you want, and buy all the blocks, seeds, tools, and liquids required for it all in one place!

As this shop is quite new and I haven’t been involved in the game’s economy for as long as many veteran players, some prices might not be balanced quite right yet, so I really appreciate any feedback from experienced players on suggestions for better prices for me to sell at, and better prices for me to put in my request baskets. Also feel free to let me know if I’m low on stock in something you want more of. The more people that buy an item, the higher level I’ll stock it to. Ex: I have 100 mud, someone buys them all, I then refill it with 200 mud)


New Inorganic section officially finished, though it is still low in stock on some items like kindling mass seeds and shreds!

Seasonal crops(At least spiders, I don’t think anyone sells candy seeds anymore) setups will be coming soon

And a future gleam store/spray shop may be coming in the not-so-near future of 2-5+ weeks depending on circumstances.


Looks great. Check out Guardian hub. Traffic is picking up. Filling with great stores like yours.

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Ok :frowning:

But then i thought if i was this nosey, i might as well continue…there must be something somewhere xD and i was right!

Thanks for the trophy :D:D:D


Excellent. Your shop is great!

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Alright, I’ll go check that out right now! Hopefully it’s not too far away so maybe I could put a portal to my shop there eventually.

Darn, I thought it’d be days until someone found that! You clever clever pirate. Glad you enjoyed that little area though lol


Sold you some combustion seeds last/this morning. Will sell you some more when I get off work tonight.:+1:

Awesome! I also had someone buy out a tooon of my seeds and stuff last night, so I’ll be out restocking for an hour or two. Some crazy person even bought like 930 kranut seeds.

Lol that’s always a good thing.

Haha, it took me 5 hours to restock. Finally finished. But good news, all the shop stands that were sold out now have more stock than ever since I re-invested the profit back into getting more of that item.

And some mad lad just came through my shop and spent like 150k coin on all the seeds I just restocked. xD I’m so simultaneously upset and happy. I can buy EVEN more tons of seed now. Whoever crazy person did that, I hate/love you.


That would be me, sorry not sorry lol


Just finally restocked the ancient oat seeds with 4k+ seeds and was arriving with the final 900 seeds from 20 other shops when: image

Welp, back to work I go! image

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Was wondering why my oat seeds were all gone, lol

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Haha, exactly. Your Parnwagon shop was exactly the place I was going in the 259m screenshot.

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Quick update that my shop can now be reached through the Sochaltin I TNT portal as our town has become the host for the megahub portal on this planet. Also some seeds are temporarily out of stock as often someone has been buying them out and I’ve run out of sources from other shops. No worries though! I am now expanding my farm by 200+ plots and once it’s finished, I’ll have a much more consistent source of crops and seeds along with even more competitive prices.


Organic seed farm and organic crop farm expansion complete and starberry type crops are way more streamlined. Expect much more stock and much more stable prices for organic seeds and crops soon.

Now, inorganics on the to-do list for expansion. If anyone has combustion kernels and/or kindling mass kernels they’d like to sell me for cheap, I’m very much interested.


Dang, my shop was so cool. Can’t wait to remake it years later again! Gonna be epic. Coming soon. >:)


Welcome back!


Thank you!

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