Strange crash during first Gleambow hunt


Sorry I didn’t post this right away, I had to be out of the house all day yesterday so I can’t remember some of the fine details…

during the very first hunt with James and Sam, right after the first gleambow I got lost and couldn’t find where the meteor had landed so never got the completed lootbox. (it would be nice if there was a marker on the compass from the moment any meteor lands until you loot the green box)

Anyways I was already behind the group so I was using a forged grapple to catch up and ended up dying in lava but I think as (or after) I held the left mouse button to “return here” my computer crashed,
but it wasn’t a regular crash… my screen went really funny and I could still hear sounds from the game and things around me… (normally all sounds stop on a crash iirc)
I took a screenshot right when i noticed the funny screen, but the screen wasn’t frozen, it was still slowly zooming out like a regular death… I took another screenshot after ~20 seconds just because.

I had to close the game window manually. When I started up the game again it didn’t ask me to submit a crash file, but I was in a hurry to get to the next meteor which was already falling, but of course missed it. as well as the next one because I was so far behind.


That does look strange. Did you fall into lava later on and tried to return to the destination nearby?


I’m pretty sure I fell into shallow lava when grappling to catch up with the group (pretty sure grapple was still attached)
in a hurry, I may have started holding down the mouse button before those 2 icons appear (LMB and RMB to respawn) I’ve had a few crashes where it felt like early clicking could have caused something.
I did fall into lava a few times, but all the other times everything behaved as expected.