Strange water puddle appeared out of nowhere?

So, found this little anomaly just now. A piece of water appeared on the place where it wasnt before - just out of nowhere. It wasnt there before I know it - there was just grass before last patch. Its inside the beacon we own so I will probably do something with it. But can water just appear out of nowhere? I know water in this game is not exactly friendly but. wow.
I just though I might come here and share the impression of teleporting water.

I don’t think there is anything in the game that can inject Water blocks into the world. If it’s inside your beacon then only the beacon members could have placed it. Bizarre.

Is water placeable now?

Only if the devs give you a source block, which can’t be inf placed.

You can hit the infinite button^^

Soo if I didnt place the water, my friend didnt do it…nobody else can do it cuz its private space, i guess only developers can do it…who is trolling me?
btw. I am not even mad. Its awesome. I want to place water.
So many possibilities.

Devs can’t place water either unless they’re in the beacon.

If you want water I can sign in and give you some - just need the world and coordinates of where you are.

thats humble! Good to know about that. I have no idea why I started poking into that water puddle in the first place. Its nice to have it there though. xD

Sorry I should correct this:

Devs can’t build in a beacon unless they’re also members of the beacon. Hence, we can’t place water in a beacon without being members. (This is simply how the beacon system protects the worlds at the moment.)

Pretty certain it still depletes even in infinite mode, like an item or crafting material.

At least it didn’t pre-112. I had a lava and water source and I could place it indefinitely.

Maybe I keep forgetting inf moved to , too. Will check

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It appears to be raining in your screen shot. Perhaps rain water is collecting in a low place? Is the area a small basin?

Rain does not puddle in low places. I don’t believe that is a planned feature.

Yeah I am sure its not that. Its rains very often on Yugen so the world would be Water world by now if that was it.