I don’t know what other category to put this is in. But I may be streaming on twitch on Wednesday or Tuesday. I don’t know when yet, because I still have to download the streaming software but I really do want to stream this. Also I will not have a microphone so I will just be typing things.
Furthermore I mostly want to stream to showoff the game (even though I’ve never streamed before), because this game deserves to be shown off. I love almost every aspect of it and its future. So finally just look for my stream, even if you just pop in and say hello.

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If you need help with setting up OBS here is great guide what i used before i started streaming: and always remember that it might take months or years to get decent amount viewers (like over 100) depends how unique your personality is :slight_smile:

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Well I wont even have a mix for at least a week. So I only expect to find people who come and look through the forums for now. And maybe some wandering gaming fanatics wondering and/or interested in what boundless is. But thank you, ill check out that video. And i was kindof thinking of using an app on Overwolf.

I was gonna use Overwolf too but if you even download ANYTHING during streaming it make stream buffer and crash alot. So you really can’t stream MMOs with it but if you stream singleplayer games only then Overwolf win with its easy setup.

im gonna start streaming

please tell me if its lagging or something

yeah im gonna wait

ill just upload videos.