Strong Red Sedi Rock on Kleefrani Pega I

If anyone could be so nice as to mine a bit of strong red sedi rock for me while I am at work today I’d greatly appreciate it. I’ll gladly pay for it and plan to put some request baskets out tonight.

I am a huge fan or Red and it drives me bonkers the lack of access to the color red within game. I am “Red” lotus after all. Hah.

I have to work and have a 2 hour 1 way commute so it takes me bit, but I’ll be online later tonight around 2022-12-16T01:00:00Z


How much do you want?

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I’ll get you some planning for 150k-300k myself

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Just whatever you have time to grab.

Thank you!

My long-lost brother!


My girl is up there still. Ill harvest for anyone who may need until someone does a snow meteor run, lol

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I appreciate any help. I plan to try and get up there tonight once Im at home. Anyone have any screenshots of the planet?

I am selling some stuff for coin … let me know who I own and how much! I can throw a request basket up if it’s easier

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what are you selling? got t1 hammers?

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Nah just random hunt loot mostly to request baskets sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

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No worries. I’m about to set up a forge just figured I would ask :smirk:

I am however working on a shop I can make sure to include a “Nightstar” discount area :stuck_out_tongue:


@Redlotus … are you still in game?

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Yes … yes I am

have rock for you

Can meet at TNT Shedu or TNT Hub you choose :slight_smile:

TnT hub please

OMW Now…

nice thing it is listed as new not EXO so maybe new for Sov’s

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