Stuck in free fall and instant death


“Alright, let me just break some blocks to break fr- You hit the floor for: 16k+ damage

I reproduced the precise slope chiseled block configuration at my home:
Sochaltin I: 927N -456E (Altitude 69)

To reproduce, jump straight onto the edge.

A few days ago on a hunt this happened as well, but with a slightly different configuration. Someone else fell victim to it too as we were trying to break free:

If this happens to you, make sure you grapple somewhere before breaking the blocks to avoid the damage!


Thanks for taking the time to reproduce the block setup. I ended up getting stuck at the specified location too (but only after giving myself the Jump Distance Epic). It’s been added to the bug database.


Another place i found you get stuck is between ornate metal poles that have spark link on top. Apologies i dont have pics or co ords as i demolished it. Setup was 3 wide machined metal. Centre on free. Both sides ,approx 20 long,metal poles on every 2nd block followed by spark links running full length above them.

If you jump over the spark links in from any direction to land in the middle you get stuck floating in a falling animation. Spam jumping fixes it after around 10 seconds


It’s a bit hard to picture. Are you still able to build it to show what the setup looks like?


Yea i can do. Will reconstrcuct this evening a post co-ordinates so you can come have a play.