Subscription (Planets/Gleam Club)

It would be cool to be able to have my planets renew themselves monthly, rather than me having to remember to buy a code. The same for gleam club. I have a newborn so being on all the time isn’t my strong suit, and I’m sure others have other commitments that may keep them away as well. I don’t think this should remove the option to do it off of a subscription though, I just think both options would be handy given things will expire and disappear if I happen to not make it on when I run out of time.


I recommended this as well, be nice if they applied and opt in option across all subscription types.


Auto-renew, but it should be easy/simple to turn off, if desired.
If nothing else, an email reminder would be nice. “You have 7 days left until your planet/GC/etc expires.”


That and have it automatically set to not auto renew by default and you have to check a box to opt in at the shop.

Though I can only really see this happening if boundless accepts direct payment through bank card or routing info instead of Steam, Playstation or PayPal ect.

Wonder why the shop doesn’t accept direct payments by debit or credit?

I would just assume it’s faster/easier/more efficient to do it the way they have it set up now. Setting up a whole direct ecommerce-with-security-certificate thing would probably require them to have at least one CSR type employee to handle payment issues.

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PayPal actually has a recurring payments service, so I don’t think it would be all that difficult to set up from a payments perspective.

I think it would just a case of getting whatever system they have set up, with regards to confirming payments etc., hooked up to the game/database to validate and enter the codes directly instead of emailing them out.

They’d also need a way for a purchaser to select which planet a subscription is for.

(Not sure how viable it would be to do via Steam of Playstation payment options - although Steam at least does mention recurring subscription-based games - I don’t know if that could account for purchasing multiple planets though :man_shrugging:).


Not sure it’s even possible to auto renew on PS4. I can’t think of another game with auto renewal

Although ps plus has auto renew, as well as ea access

Edit: wonder if apps like netflix also count

PlayStation plus auto renews. Lol. But that’s because Sony wants their money. I’m sure they get a cut of gleamclub and cubits too.


30% of all ps store sales


That’s a pretty hefty cut. I’d imagine steam to be around the same, if not more. It actually makes PayPal the best option for WS financially then really.

Elder Scrolls online has auto-renewal on ps4 for ESO plus