Subtle Glowing Soil With Grass - DOABLE!

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OK, so I’ve started making ‘river roads’ (they’re more ‘stream-sidewalks’, but whatever) that are somewhat in keeping with the local surroundings on Sochaltin I.

I wondered if I could make them give off just the feintest of glows, without making it look like a light show, or, alternatively, making it not look like grass and water.

I’m sure you all knew how to do all this already, but I didn’t and it’s lovely to know … as it’s subtle … which isn’t always a thing that we do in Boundless. :smirk:

It seemed to be not doable, but through a kind sould in the Questions chat, they said that some chisel formations allow glow through. I assume this works like how blocks let water through when chiseled on both sides.

Weird, but OK.

First of all there was success with a bevelled chisel … but that’s not going to work with grass … so then I tried a silver chisel on both sides … and … PRESTO!!

OK, no pictures, because the Pavlov’s Moony experiment I did with a soil box in my house was not exactly photogenic … but I’ll be making all my little streams … … baaaaarely lit from underneath … enough to have a tiny … “what’s that?” at night, but no more. Which is perfect.


EDIT - Here’s a partially glowing stream in situ on Sochaltin I outside the GTG Outpost.

EDIT 2 -

Here’s the start of an underground stream connecting a few local habitats …


show us a picture!! :slight_smile:

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hahaha … seriously … there’s nothing to show right now … but you can do your own experiment …

  1. build a 9x9 9x10 (need to stand up!) box with space below to put a gleam under it …
  2. silver chisel the under the middle block once.
  3. silver chisel the opposite corner of the middle block on top.
  4. plop a gleam under the block.
  5. seal yourself in.

glow sticks!!

(well, glow soils)

EDIT - ohiknow … i am putting in a tunnel for the riverroad, so perhaps i’ll do a very basic demo in there.

EDIT 2 - Imagery (but it’s ■■■■)
1 - Facing the pitch black tunnel, away from the underlit soil (a slight light in the corner there)

2 - Facing the underlit soil (warm blue gleam)

3 - Same soil with gleam removed

I mean … :laughing: … you’ll have to take my word for it … and the chiseling doesn’t look perfect … but it’s a thing.

Here it is with water. Underground stream, not so much as a latticed gleam in sight.

OK, here’s a lit up version of it chiseled, but with the surrounding area left blank so it’s obvious.

The circled bits, below, are where you’d silver chisel on the other side:

Then you just ■■■■■ some gleam below!


The hidden lighting tricks at work. Also there’s ways to get the long grass to glow as well. Iirc same thing you’re doing now just would need more grass planted to make it longer.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s generally how I build them … … like reeds … ideally verdant grass would be best for that … but what I might do is just the occasional verdant of the same colour …

If you drop by the GTG Outpost on Sochaltin I, that riverroad was my first … I’ve glowed up that first tile a bit …

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