(Successful!) My City is Hunting together (Wednesday)

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Long story short, It would be nice if lots of other players chose tomorrow/today (Wednesday) to join the regular daily squatch hunt.

Short story Long:
I am hosting a Charity hunt for my City. Many players ask how they can help out around town, and our public portals are owned and operated by myself and our Mayor. Between FF and my shop profits it’s just not enough to keep the portals fueled indefinitely. So we decided to ask our community to help out and join a collective hunt where the Oort earnings for the night get donated for the greater good. In return I have promised our RESIDENTS a pretty forged slingbow upfront. One charity hunt should set us up for several months.

I only announce this as to MAYBE draw some more people to hunt tomorrow. Maybe you were planning to hunt this week anyways? or maybe planning to hunt soon? Well Tomorrow is as good a day as any and maybe I can give just enough encouragement to draw more people and spawn some T7 Meteors.

I will personally be bringing a full set of bombs and try to provide lots of Armor, Speed, and Strength buffs throughout the hunt.

I hope you all have a Boundless Day!


What time/time zone are you meeting? And which planet do you plan on hunting on?

Edit: never mind, I see now it will be the Squach hunt.

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They meet at 8:30 EST at sasquatchville and usually hunt delta : )


I joined on the one they had tonight. With my new build, I only died twice, instead of the usual 10 times :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be peppering people with health bombs tomorrow. Maybe you can come hunt again and see if you can make it without dieing?


If you’re looking for further Oort and are still playing I’ll be hosting a platform hunt on Till about 3 hours after that :smiley:


I’ll be there with plenty of revive augments. :slight_smile:

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I know I can Count on you @SavageSpyder83!

I hope and expect about 10 from Lacuna to show. Really looking forward to everybody getting together :slight_smile:

I think ima build some pillboxes and other combat structures… see what helps.

I will always dig Killing pits, - AOE holes minimally 2 deep all around directly under spawn clouds.

When is this happening? You may want to postpone…


We’re back!

Why for? I think the connection issues should be taken care of by then…

Great!! … Where’d you go?

edit: Oh I see now. You’re a PS4 player. Glad things are already fixed. NOW LETS ALL GO HUNTING TONIGHT!


I may be leading a Besverona hunt later today if your group wishes to tag along.

It is also our donation hunt. For the greater good!


I can’t keep it in but when I initially read the title I somehow saw a whole settlement with all the buildings going after a roadrunner!


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I can join!

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Is this going to be a platform hunt? because if we can do a platform hunt we can get more meteors in the time instead of running around and chasing them. Just my thoughts

I think Squatch usually runs old school and keeps to the ground. The way Lesoui runs it, we often have gotten multiple meteors at once

Oh I know I usually join there’s as a medic. I just thought platforms we could cover more quicker if they were really hurting for oort :slight_smile:

im ok with either way personally. But it’s up to Squatch what we do. We are just relying on their consistancy and reliability for daily hunts :wink:

On the Sasquatch hunt we often get around 300 oort in 1.5h. it’s pretty good when you think about it. We used to use platforms for our hunts, but stopped a couple months ago cause we missed all the running and grappling :slight_smile:


Yeah I didn’t get as much :frowning: El said I needed more luck but I have 8 points in luck so I’m not sure.