Sugar Spice Bakery & MegaMart~Teaching Pies 350c, Persist Pies 100c, Starberry Pies 25c, Yam Pies 25c. TNT top floor & DK Tree 2nd floor

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Sugar Spice Bakery & MegaMart shops in 2 locations! Restocked daily.

Main shop @DK Tree lower floor portal - Eresho

Sister shop @Sunken City of Aquatopia Mall - Naii Zed Ka


New expansion to Sugar Spice Bakery MegaMart! Multi level shopping from concrete, decor gravel, decor wood, marble, decor rock, to the basic resources on the lower level. Come by and browse when you have a chance. Items filled daily.


I am in the shop filling stands everyday. If you have visited and bought items check back at the end of the day or at the latest the next day. Hot Cherry bricks, Black decor rock, Dark Rose wood, assortment of thorns, just to name a few popular items, We are up to over 300 shop stands. Portals at TNT top floor and DK Tree 2nd floor. Stay Boundless! :boundless:


New expansion looks great man :blush:

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SugarSpiceBakery&MegaMart :pie: Starberry loafs 15c, Starberry Pies 25c, Earthyam Pies 25c, {Special} Teaching Pies 350c while supply last!

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Teaching Pies 350c, Persist Pies 100c, Starberry Pies 25c, Yam Pies 25c. Stop by when you have a chance :coffee: TNT top floor & DK Tree 2nd floor

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reviewed Boundless


A wonderful MMO game in a creative universe. There is so much to do in this game you have to give it a try. There is a fantastic community in game and on the forums. If your just a solo explorer and builder, or if you prefer joining a guild, this game has it. 30-40 of us run meteor hunts on a daily basis in our guild and its alot of fun. Content is always being added.


Your teaching pies are now 350 so changed your title :stuck_out_tongue: still bought the few that were there though :slight_smile:

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Inflation I guess, blame it on the government :laughing:


Sugar Spice Bakery & MegaMart :pie: Portals back open! Free items daily :smile:

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