Suggestion: a way to add a “positive” part to compactness

Compactness could be used to reward people and not only to restrict them.

Since presumably compactness is on some sort of calculated scale, let’s say 1.00 represents 100% compactness (“good”) and 0.00 represents 0% compactness.

I know there are several builders who want their large build undisturbed, and many of them are concerned about losing buffer plots.

  1. I would propose this: any builds over 5 million prestige AND with a compactness rating of at least 0.85 can enable in their beacon a 20 plot buffer around their build. Obviously this cutoff would be fine tuned since I am merely making up numbers, and there would have to be restrictions for builds in populated areas. The prestige requirement would mainly be to reduce abuse and to control the number of builds that qualify.

  2. Also, add a cosmetic “crown” that characters with a build over 1 million with a compactness at least 0.85 get for free and can equip. Let people show off good citizenship, and give people a reason to make compact builds. Obviously there would be bad citizens with crowns and good citizens who couldn’t quite qualify.

  3. Perhaps also require people to have at least 0.70 compactness to be viceroy. I recognize this will probably mean I can never be viceroy lol.

  4. Have @Leahlemoncakes showcase the “compact build of the week” on Twitter every week.

Basically, if people are going to compete to be the “best” at something, maybe make that something compactness, instead of prestige.