Suggestion: add an “all PMs” tab to the chat box

It would be useful to see all PMs I got in the past, say, 7 days in one tab. Sometimes you miss PMs especially when you logon and get notification spam from baskets and guild and beacons.

I’ve had multiple people message me on forums asking why I didn’t reply to their PM. By the way if I ever don’t reply to you from an in game PM within 2 days please PM me again or message me on forums.

Also obviously please fix the PM delay


Same. Ugh. I’ve had to put up signs in the game letting people know they can reach me via the forums or twitter.

It would be nice if there was a 7-30 day history log somewhere so that we could see sales, beacons, PMs, etc.

Anyone have a mod for the chat box? :thinking: (I would like mine to stay open/pinned in the bottom left corner too)


The whole chat system needs some serious love… and if things are being fixed / changed, I would like for the chat times to be in the users time, not UTC.


Well sales would be nice for 30days. But PMs stay for 30 days as it is. Tho if the notification failed to pop or you just happened to over look the notification it will not show you that there was a message again. You’d have to look thru each log individually

Yes for all 250 of my friends. Lol

If you haven’t had any PMs with them in the last 30 days it wouldn’t be in your log i thought. But as I don’t pm people I really wouldn’t know :sweat_smile:

Yes! Yes! Yes! Seriously! The chat system is so broken it doesn’t work at all. It is seriously one of my biggest complaints about the game.


This was my chief complaint as a new player, well that and the snow but that went away

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