Suggestion (and poll of course): T1 to T4 exoplanets - why exclude noobs from the fun and profit?

  • Add t1 through t4 exoplanets
  • Keep it as is

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why not :smile:

Don’t we already have lvl 3 through 7?

T3 and T4 planets are already able to spawn. Only T1 and T2 are absent


Extra colours for new players is always bonus. I find it exciting venturing off to these rare worlds so everyone should be able to have a go as well. Maybe keep the resources the non blink/rift type cos that would get abused, but I’d love to see a low level world that’s just oozing copper or something like that, just to see how much damage the player base could do etc

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I understand what your saying, but I would counter that by asking why remove the benefit of being (or incentive to become) a ‘higher tier’ player.

If everyone had everything from the start, there’s no progress, no reason to keep playing!

As always, this is just from my point of view, not saying it’s the only point of view!


Except fun. People at the start also need fun, or they’ll have no reason to keep playing. A lower-tier exoplanet can still be fun, without offering anything available only to higher-level players.


Beginners already have a learning curve to tackle, with gathering mats, makings tools, building a place… Isn’t that enough in the early stages.
I believe occasional t3 exo spawns are good enough.


There is a sincere missing option in the poll:

  • Should we have “rented player worlds” (instead of even more exo worlds or whatever they are called).

For me exo worlds look like some kind of “end content” as I am low level and have to stay significant longer time on low tier worlds until I have grinded enough skill points / trees to create the skills I personally WANT (being a pure explorer, NOT hunter / tank / meteor fighter) and until I have again and again assigned duplicate attributes in different skill pages to create special roles as I can not have all needed skillsin one player. I will stay complete solo as long as the major discussions in the forum (and the behaviour of players in the game) deal with plot / beacon fights , grievance , and non-cooperative playing. I will stay alone with my little base, watch the game changing and wait that peaceful players like me will survive (or leave).


There are others like you out there, the forums are just a bit toxic. Come say hi in game and I’ll introduce you to some nice people :blush:

I know Regen consortium is very nice and cooperative. Talk to Panda or Peekaboo

I believe the introduction of exo planets is a first step in the ability to offer rented planets. The exo planets give the developers the ability to add and remove planets. They will need to be able to add planets when they are rented and then remove them with the person decides not to rent them any longer. It might be a small step, but an important one in being able to offer rented planets.

To the OPs poll. As was pointed out t3 and up can spawn as exo planets. I think that there are no real good reasons to offer the t1 and t2 as exo planets. There is probably some limit to the servers that are available to hold the exo planets. I would think the need to keep a steady flow of the new resources such as blink is more important that using the slots for lower level planets. There are already a large number of t1 and t2 and also would a lower level player that cannot reach a t3 really be able to finance trips to a t1 or t2?


I agree, if you can’t get to a T4 planet then you have a lot more of the early game to experience. There’s a lot of colors available already on the current T1-T3 planets to keep the newer players busy enough. Give the players stuck on T1-T3 something to work towards.

Also I thought the lowest exo was T4. If it is T3 those are fairly easy to survive on as a new player anyway

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T3 is lowest exo tier. I’d link the quote but I’m lazy and I tried to do that the other day when people were talking about it and it wouldn’t let me quote it. Maybe because the thread is locked? :man_shrugging:t4:

I’ll take your word for it then. I think T3 is low enough. We gotta think about the fact that the more lower tier planets the less materials. Not only specials blocks but glowing mushrooms and other items dont spawn below T5 i believe, if those things matter to anyone.

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I’m with the majority of answers here in that for those who’d need a T1 or T2, they’re probably so early on that they wouldn’t be bothering much with it anyways.

However, if one change could be made, I’d go for it - give them a very small percentage of higher level materials. That would give newcomers a reason to go to them, get a chance to gather that stuff by themselves early on, though in very small amounts and requiring a time investment.

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Sam says it in the opening post. But won’t let me quote.

Also not sure why it’s showing my comment on that thread😅

Edit:nvm fixed it :joy:


I say give them the opportunity . we have all been there and know exactly how hard the grind is. All we do is charge them Ridiculous prices for tools and weapons etc to the point off where they just quit. Time we stood up for our Apprentices and give them what we already have .


This is what I do. I’ve got a neighbor that is a newer player and I give him stuff to help him out. But Idk if i feel comfortable giving him a 3x3 hammer until i can finally convince him to stop hitting soil and rocks with his axes and trees with a hammer :persevere::joy:


shoulda read the comments first, didnt know there were t3/4 planets, wish i could rescind my vote to vote for “keep as is”

silly me shoulda known, since i went to the last t3 one that was orbiting. just totally slipped my mind -_-

But Idk if i feel comfortable giving him a 3x3 hammer until i can finally convince him to stop hitting soil and rocks with his axes and trees with a hammer .

:+1::+1::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:. I had one like that :exploding_head: