Suggestion: Backpacks or portable storage

I’m sure this has probably been suggested, but one of the issues I constantly run into while exploring exo planets or even some sovereign worlds, is not having enough room in my inventory to collect stuff.

So, what I end up having to do is, fill my inventory say with plant or mob drops, then go back to my storage drop everything off, then go back and pay to open the exowarp again to go collect say, ores/rocks. It starts to get expensive, tbh. Especially when I’m making 3+ trips, and paying close to 4k each trip :frowning: I’m assuming there’s no other more efficient way to do this specifically for exo planets. I’m familiar with the campfire trick on normal planets.

It would be great if there was some sort of backpack or portable storage we could take with us for our trips.

Thanks :D!



Yes, more of this.

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I think that’s a deliberate quality of exos that is designed to increase the rarity/value of exo colored items.

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I can see that as the potential design, however, I don’t see much of a profit % increase when selling items from exo’s. For example, from Erri, I’ve only seen people buying the white rock/stone for around 2c each, which… imo is pocket change.

But, again, I can see your point, and it’s a good one. :slight_smile:

Well. Someone could have come out and decided to pay 3c per rock if they really wanted to get more rocks than the others. In the end it’s a market thing. People buy, people sell or they don’t and that when prices start to change :woman_shrugging:


I would like a backpack as well. Maybe if we can’t get it maybe can we get a toolbelt instead so we can carry our most used tools to free up inventory space?


Oh that’s a good idea too! Might be a nice solution for space as well, I always have like 3 - 6 tools in my inventory.

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Sounds like to me that the primary issue you are encountering is market oversaturation. Larger inventory space would only worsen your market value returns. If everyone else keeps bringing even more stuff back per trip to an exo, those values will dip even lower and you will need to extract even MORE VALUE per trip to cover costs, so you will need a bigger backpack, which saturates the market more and… you can see how this becomes a feedback loop.

It objectively seems to me that you should instead pursue higher value targets per trip and ignore common materials like stone- even if it is a rarer color.

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Personally, even when the color is something I want, I still go for the high-value stuff as well. Especially with stone, it’s not like your pockets won’t fill up with the stuff anyway. With other things, you can spend a while on the high value stuff and then fill the rest of your inventory with your color stuff.

What if the backpacks were all different/unique and really cool looking and you could have “charms”?
So for instance you get a roadrunner trophy and you craft it into a keychain/charm that can then slot onto your backpack for a little more customization.

When we get pets one day we could also maybe put them in the “pet slot” in the inventory and if you’re wearing a backpack it could display in the backpack window if it has a window? Or maybe if that backpack has a window, there would be a window/display slot for items/pets?