Suggestion: dance emotes should loop

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So people don’t have to keep selecting emote over and over (which is annoying and also spams chat)

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Nope, except the disco one :stuck_out_tongue: We can’t have people contantly dabbing, can we now?

I logged in and went through these. several of them are more like a ‘signature move’ than really a dance - most of them are not something I would personally want to loop.

It might be nice to have a queue of a sort, so you could type something like “/disco /breakdance /cancan /dab” and have them all in order.

I’m NOT saying that would necessarily be a good set though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Some could loop for sure
Can can, disco, robot

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What if there was /random for all dances
And then /loopdab /looprobot? idk XD


Yes but I think the sound shouldn’t keep looping.

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Oh they make sounds? Lol

Yaaas, some are pretty loud :laughing: and one keeps saying “yeah! yeah! yeah”
I think they’re all amazing. Expectations exceeded!

—sound on…sound on vid----


I agree there should be a looping emote (like /dance or something, that cycles through the moves?) but it ABSOLUTELY MUST BE SILENT


At least one looping would be great. I really like the queue idea too.

Whether or not either of those happens, I’ve been wondering if it’s allowed/possible to script on pc. Anyone know? It would be great for videos, having your alts and other people either on timers or triggered by the ‘camera man’. Like a leader walks through a doorway and two guards salute at the same time.

In photo mode it wouldn’t show the chat spam.

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It needs to be told when to stop. It looks like it uses the end of the music as that.


Maybe it would recognize “loop”: true, or something. Dunno.


I read those entries as “SoundEvent to process onCancel of the emote” as in, if the emote is cancelled by moving/etc, it stops playing the sound, not the other way around.

Edit: Found the SFX definition which supports this premise

You don’t have to move for it to stop though. If you play it and just stand there, the action and music stop on their own (since there is no loop).

Emphasis on the dunno part though lol.

Can confirm ingame: If you cancel the emote, the onCancelSoundEvent fires and stops playing the obnoxious music.

First: Full emote. Second: Interrupted.

Yup. :+1: I think we spammed the emotes a ton today hehe
It stops when the action/sfx is over (<----ppl asking for this to loop) and it stops if you move.

You can do a sit emote and the animation ends when you move

Should be possible to do the same thing with some of the dance emotes


I want programmable oorty minions to salute and wave

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Ah, good point. I wonder if that’s written in a different way though.


If they could perform the /grind emote and bring me sap and orbs that would be wonderful too.

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