Suggestion: Flat Maps

I love globes and they are awesome! I love running around with them and exploring.

Could we have a flat map though?

Globes are great, but they:

  1. Can only view the whole planet as they slowly rotate off world, making it hard to see the whole planet and decide where you want to build.
  2. Only rotate Off world…so there is no world globe when you are on-planet. You can just see around you…which makes it hard to chart a course to somewhere.
  3. Globes can be put on shelves, but Maps could be posted allowing you to see your builds coming together all at once. (especially nice for Sov worlds)

I would love to see my planet and watch it get built up on my map! I am a visual person and struggle to use Globes for navigation…they confuse me and I can’t always see where I am going. So I have to go Offworld, let it spin, find out where I want to go, then figure out N/S/E/W of my current location, then go ON world and head that way until it pops up on the globe.

A lot of steps to just try to get from here to there. With a flat map I could see the whole world at once! That would allow me to figure out where I am going much easier!

Globes - great for resource gathering
Maps - great for navigation (and maybe you can mark on them? to make then different then Globes?)

Just my 2c <3


Would be great as block/sign that can take atlas as augment :smiley:

Ye. Would Love maps as decoration

Hmmm and with maps, we could have variations like a topography map, for the elevations and what not. Resource maps, etc

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When I first saw the title, I thought you meant a map like gm_flatgrass. This though, I can definitely get behind as well.
A planet that’s just named GM_flatgrass, which is a completely normal planet, except it’s all flat at sea level.

Maps don’t sound like they’d be hard to implement at all though.
I assume you could make it adjustable, so you can have the local area, or zoom in/out of the sky View.

The big question is if it should be able to have an elevation setting too, so underground builds could have a map.
…This is speaking as someone making an artificially underground build. :’)

What about being able to stick a atlas in a sign and have it display a map of the planet on the wall

Sort of something like how you do in minecraft


Yes a flat map of my planet that I could put up like a picture would be awesome. I want this. :drooling_face:

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