Suggestion for advanced storage block

I’ve been reclaiming all my stuff and rebuilding my base and it strikes me how convenient the reclaim system is. Instead of having tons of smart stacks to sort through there’s just one pile of each item. My suggestion is to make a storage block that is capable of storing only one item, but of unlimited quantity like in a reclaim beacon. This would help people storing large quantities of things for builds without needing to have loads of smart stacks to deal with.


this is a great idea but would kill the chest market maybe more of a able to move things to boxes easyer ,like maybe when you go to the beacon it can tell you how much room you have in each chest on it and just drag and drop stack in from reclaim

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Agreed. I think the main issue with a lot of ideas like this is that they are hampered a bit by the economy sadly. If you change something most times it will affect the economy in some way.


Honestly I didn’t even consider the impact it would have on the buying and selling of chests. Perhaps by restricting the new chests to a single item type and requiring lots of materials to craft it could add to the economy instead?

Make a chest a crafting ingredient.

Chest + glue + compact Oort = infinichest™

One slot, infinite* items.

*Value may be limited by bit length! Not subject to refunds if unable to store greater than 2.147b items in one infinichest™


lets think, u can have chest that can store unlimited amount of item, you have few mil coins, you going to run thru all known shops, buying all available inky leaves, leaving the flobal market emptied from inkys and several players angry becouse they just wanted tio buy inkys to craft signs, inkys that you dont want to use but want to store them in your botomless chest to the end of galaxy…

Maybe rather than an single item infinite chest, give us the ability to assign a particular item to a storage slot or storage container.

This would be useful for any inventory screen.


Why would you buy all the items just to store them but never use them?

People might do this with diamonds and paintings in real life just to increase the market value, but diamonds and paintings are a finite and rare resource. Inky leaves are one of the most easily farmable items in game. As soon as you clear out all the shops and the price rises, every low-level player in game can go out and farm them just to sell them back to the empty shops. You’ll have spent all that money for nothing.

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if they buy all the ink the person selling it will just raise the price until they stop buying it for some time because making that ink is annoying don’t want to keep making it everyday.

I think this would be so cool just number the chest or name it when you put it down when you look at the beacon it gives you a list of what item is in what named chest this can also be expanded into deposit all into chest with same item would clear inventory’s so fast and doing reclaims would be so fast just put one of each item you have in each chest then bang deposit all from beacon