Suggestion for chat clean up. (Future chat adjustment)

This frustrates me a bit because there is no point to this…

First, one hour after the change.

Second, 3 alt notifications align, control and footfall (that can be a account notification).

Third, guild messages as its guild related why those notifications in the first place.

Notifications should only be for changes that happen out of your control like empty stands/baskets.

FF shouldn’t fall under these either as you know when you empty your beacon and if controlled by guild a guild msg for FF should be enough.

Not saying we need this right now just when chat gets a chance to be cleaned up :wink:.

[to add] im talking about manually adding… not when a guild removes alignment or control.


I would also like the option to clear the chat and close conversations!



Having it automatically scroll would be nice too… and pm’s should push a notification through without having to reopen chat.
These might not help to clean it up but it’d be a welcome change if they overhaul chat again


What would be good is if I could mute channels and never see the chat at all.


Lets not get our hopes up, can we just get chat fixed so its always at the bottom first?

in what other game have you ever seen chat sorted by oldest first?

Chat is useless in this game, the only purpose chat has in this game is to get a person to login to discord.


I would be happiest if there was no delay in global messages.


Yeah chat desperately needs to be reworked as it is to slow in the first place.
Thats why i made this a separate post and added that we didn’t need this “right now”.

Also i got frustrated as im re-plotting and re-beaconing all over the place. And was keeping an eye on the chat (as slow as it is😉) but had to scroll to these mass notifications every time I opened the chat to look what someone was saying/asking. Ive 4 alts in my guild and for every adjustment ill get 4 messages (3notification 1guild) adjust set 1 beacon to full guild control and 12 msg pop up…

Again i do think the other chat suggestions made in other topics and posts should be looked at first. My suggestion is just about how pointless these messages are.

Yeah everyone one would be :wink: thats the problem atm it isn’t a real time chat…

It currently works something like this.
Msg upload happens on server 1 then 2 and on… followed by download to 1 ten 2 and on…
(Don’t know how accurate i am here but thats kind of what i remember reading :wink:)

Only say, whisper and shout are realtime as they only work on a single server and not across all servers.