Suggestion for Pad Gameplay

Hey devs :slight_smile:

I just thought about the usability of a pad for playing Oort. I know that you are already trying to implement a good method to use one, but most games have to much options to be bound on a pad. But here is something that I learned from Elite, which blew my mind ^^

Elite has more then 25 keys you need to have in reach (next to steering) so I thought it would be a real pain to play it with a pad, but here comes the clue: Elite don’t use the four buttons on the right (ABXY on the xbox pad) as normal buttons (except in menu) but as combo keys. If you press and hold one of them the four directions of the digital stick, the four shoulder buttons and back+start have other functions. On this way I don’t need the keyboard to play, cuz I have bound 42 (!!!) different functions on my pad (next to steering axiss) . With my joystick/Hotas I just have bound about 20 ^^

Would be cool if we would be able to bind buttons on this way in Oort to if we want to. It doesn’t have to be that complex of cause but it would be cool to be able to :wink:

By the way : elite has no circular HUD menu effects if pressing a combo key, so you also don’t need to implement such stuff as well (players should know which buttons they have bound without any graphical help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


Ps: here is an overview of my pad configuration (two bindings were added later) so that you can see what I ment :wink:


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But now to something totally different: back to topic

Just as long as it’s not mandatory. I’ve never trusted a technology that assumed that, as a right-handed person, I’d be good at steering with my left thumb.

Im sorry, can someone please link to me just what kind of pad we are talking about here? is it a tablet? or a special gaming pad? or… (apologies if it is a stupid question, it is never something i have used for gaming xD)

PS4 controller for example.

Oh. so its just a controller? dont we already have controller support ingame?

I’ve played Elite, it’s a cool implementation for complex controls, but thankfully we won’t have anywhere near that many keys required. Hoping for a 1:1 key to core-function mapping :thumbsup:


An alternative could be something like the x-padder settings for ESO if worst comes to worst, the ABYX didnt use directional pads they were just those keys, however if you held in LB they changed function and if you held in RB, so that way you can get 6 more keys if needed :smile:

Japp, but just for example: you can use two buttons for next item in belt and previous item. But I would like to be able to bind each slot of the belt separate, so item 1, 2, 3… So that I can quickly jump from weapon in 1 to the torch in 8 and back to 3 to my hook. That alone would be 8 or 10 buttons on the pad (next to the two for next/previous item).

Also it would be good to have quick responses/messages on the pad (“Hello”, “Come here”, “Thank you”, “Yes”, “No”, Stop that", …) cuz on this way we don’t relay so much on the keyboard for communication. … and by the way: I would like to have at least 2 buttons/combos free cuz I’m used to have at least 2 Push to talk buttons on the pad (I use ts³ and other voip-services next to each other) and don’t like needing a keyboard next to it (unhandy on the couch).

… but Like I said: Combos should not be a must, but possible so that players who like to use them can integrate them into their control layouts.

It may be worth while to support the steam controller releasing soon. But I am unsure. As double jiro games are sometimes wonky without a mouse.

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For range combat I’m sure that a mouse player is superior to a pad junky, but if it comes to skill-based melee combat the guy with the pad may be at least at the same level, if not even a bit in advance :wink:

Ps: I also prefer the mouse+keyboard to the pad, but with my pc connected to my TV (as in the moment) gaming with a pad is much more relaxing on the couch ^^

Pps: I hope they will support the steam pad. Mine will arrive at middle of October and I can’t wait to check it on most of my games :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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