Suggestion from a new player: put your mall address in your beacon name for increased sales and footfall!

A new player came up to me the other day with this suggestion.

For example, if you have a shop at spot a85 at dkmall, put a85 in your beacon name!

I know I definitely visit shops more when they have this!

Totally optional, but encouraged! Same applies if you’re in other malls too!


Lol…why. that makes no sense to me. I don’t visit shops more because they have a beacon number in their name…

Shop scanner

meh…still same feeling… its pretty hard to follow the orange tracker when in a mall

The idea is that way you know what row it’s in and can take mall shortcut portals more easily :slight_smile:

It’s like giving someone the address to a restaurant as opposed to telling them it’s about 500m thataway

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Yea I understand…but I guess I prefer to run around and just look at all people stuff. Not just what is the cheapest. To much emphasis on trying to find the cheapest shop. I prefer the old days when there was more interaction between players trying to find where the deals were @ . So no numbers for me. If you want something come and find. Visit other people’s stuff. See their builds. That’s what I prefer. Not everything numbered. So you know where to run straight away…but I see your point.

Even tough i see the potential for this @DKPuncherello. Im a headless chicken just run around in circles and don’t have the patience to stop, read sign, so on.

:wink: even if it saves time, I ain’t got time for this :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:.

Still a good idea tough for those that do the opposite of me :wink:.


It does help locate stuff faster and exit mall dungeon before buy something from other stores :smiley:

I like to do this too & I tend to buy things that I’m next to. The only things I try to hunt down by price are things like fuel/coal/oort.

I’m not sure if a specific address would be helpful, but I like to see a direction or place: ie:
DKMall South Shopname
DKMall West Shopname
Shopname NovaGolda

On Gyosha, there are a few large places and some are 2000m away from each other. I’m sure it’s a PITA to run 2000m across land, only to find out the shop is located in a large town or mall with portals lol. I do like to explore a market or town though, when I have time.


DK Mall is split into rows, the address letter tells you which row and the address number tells you which column. There are like 9 shortcut portals so basically if you have an address you know how to get within 200-300m of the shop.

My one complaint is that the letters go ABC (something) and then XY so it’s not entirely obvious or easy to remember whether A is North/West/East/South etc.

I recently noticed that DK is labelling player portals with a direction and distance. This is something I’ve wanted to see in-game support for (the portal should tell you where you’re going when you hover over it) but signs work even better.

if its such a good price, you could go to the mall and activate the beacon finder with the knowledge tab :smiley:


I actually think that adding that it’s in DKMall is more informative than a53.

A53? A53 of what? DKMall? Tana Mall #4? which?


Hm good point. Though almost anything on tana is at dkmall :blush: haha

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Genius woeld be awesome

Ya can also downsize the time spend on / wave lol

Yeah there used to be a road blocking me in where XYZ are, so those are more recent additions. I’ve thought of changing all the addresses but thought that people might be super confused by that. So basically it goes WXYZABCDEFG from south to north (row W coming soon!)

Pretty sure this is referring to my suggestion. haha. Not exactly new, just not really dedicated to always playing.

But yeah, this would be great for me and probably others like me that do not really have the aptitude or patience for being a merchant. I love the Shop API and the tools that use it because it means I can find exactly what I want as fast as I can so I can get back to mining, hunting, building or whatever it is that is just not shopping.

Also, we had not discovered the the in game “shop locator” so that help tons as well. That did not exist last time I played (note to @DKPuncherello: I might recommend adding something about the in game shop locator on for players that do not know it exist yet). Tana VII is kind of nice because if you see a shop on that planet, it is basically DK Mall 99% of the time so the in game shop locator is really all you need, but for other planets that have shops spread out like Gyosha or Gloviathosa, putting the mall or some way to help indicate how to get to your shop is amazing for us that do not want wonder until we find a good path to your shop.