Suggestion: have events start on MONDAYS so the devs can better address bugs in the future

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This would give the devs a better opportunity to help with bugs.

That way we can hopefully avoid issues like this GB (or last GB, or spark minting) in the future

While I do agree that having devs available would be beneficial for quick bug fixes… I also feel that having an event over the weekend means that people actually have time to play.


The events are all more than a week long anyway
So they’d still go over weekends. But day 1 bugs would be fixable this way.

I’m sure I’m not the only one disappointed that GB is bugged yet again, and it can’t be addressed till Monday. It is very frustrating.

I feel like maybe a compromise would be to continue having the events scheduled as they are, but have a dev or two available for fixes, even if it’s the weekend.

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I’d be fine with that, but I wouldn’t want to make someone have to work weekends.

Not like weekends matter anymore in the NWO


Is this New World Order?

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Anyone remember the Aerosmith vs NWO arcade game? I think you threw CDs at the enemies iirc


Hey ho,

Monday´s REALY ??? No, sry … but … on mondays everything has to run as usual for me and nothing should cause any trouble. :man_shrugging:

Wednesday :ok_hand::+1: it’s an update day around here anyway, right? you have 2 day´s befor the weekend to fix something quick, :+1:
Announce the event on Monday and live on Wednesday, afterwards until Friday bugfixes if there are any. And at the weekend all have fun :sweat_smile:

Can’t fully tell if this is sarcasm due to language barrier haha :heart:

I believe they try their best. Let them do what they want…they have lives too