Suggestion: Immunity to Regen Bombs on recently expired beacons?

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With all of the wonderful builds this game has to offer, we have malicious and non malicious things that happen to builds that – for a lack of a better way of saying it, have met the end of their first life.

I have on a number of occasions found a beautiful build starting to decay or the beacon expired and I wanted to save/rebuild it. But there is that one person who comes by, or maybe there was the click bug where you happen to have a bomb in your hand-- or maybe you selected what you thought was a heal bomb because you hit the ground hard enough and wanted to heal yourself… And instead… it was a regen bomb… The build is gone, or blocks are destroyed like wiping the area.

I would like to suggest a protection like Meteors do on recently expired beacons. – Now… You can still manually break blocks, but you cannot regen the place. This will allow people if they are trying to save something, or maybe transfer plots/builds and avoid bad things from happening. And if all you can do is hit things, at least the blocks stay behind.

Obviously, natural decay will progress on it’s own, but maybe after a period of time the beacon itself will finally fade? I don’t know in what ratio things naturally degrade on their own-- if it’s machines first, or blocks? or from the top down? Or just random?

Either way, It’s a suggestion I think could benefit a lot of people. And prevent trolls, or accidents from happening in the future.


I think this would definitely help with the preservation of builds and to stop trolls


Seconded. Protect the beautiful builds of boundless!


I agree. Use of regen bomb on a decaying build should be disabled


And if that was implemented, how would I regen my own base
after deleting the beacon?


Very simple :slight_smile: this is about a beacon naturally expiring, not a beacon that you manually delete :wink:

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That is assuming the system would know the difference and not just turn the lights off.


And if it works like meteors, with a large area around them that can’t be regenerted, I see griefing potential.


That is a super easy distinction to make :slight_smile: Triggers are completely different.

Good idea, but I think it’s good to have an option to regenerate with bombs.

So, three days or so of protection period would be enough.

Even 24 hrs should be enough. In the end if no one comes across an expired beacon within that time, it’s gonna be regenerated anyway. Regen bombers can only really do damage on a freshly expired beacon, before it falls pray to forces of nature.

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It wouldn’t need any larger protection, just the original plots :slight_smile:

I think 3 days is a bit much, a few hours would be more than enough to detect and plot :slight_smile:

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Dont be so sure, might be that delete a beacon just sets the fuel counter to 0 ^^

Also you guys assume that the original owner wants you to take plot the stuff they made which might not always be the case.


Just edited and mentioned 24hrs is good enough.
Need to think about travellers pausing regen process and then a regen bomber could still walk across such beacon and remove it even 6, 12 and more hrs after beacon expiring and before someone with plots get a chance to save it.

If the owner is not interested in having the build, he won’t be interested whether someone saves it or not.

Could make it so the owner after deleting can still use a regen bomb. Everyone is happy. I typically on getting a dead beacon erase the left overs. Usually because it’s mess. I don’t want “because I’ve seen it” someone plotting a destroyed build thinking they are saving something. Or in some cases trolling. So I would not vote for not being able to regen UNLESS I can as a previous owner.

That’s not how intellectual property works ^^
Some people might care others might not.


I support this great feature.
All expired beaconed lands should have long regen cooldown, ranging from 6hrs to 24hrs.

Calling it intellectual property is a stretch. Everyone’s beaconed creations are subject to loss if not protected through fueling.
It’s part of game to lose things to regen or looting.
An idea to have a protection against bomb regen to have a chance to plot unbeaconed build is there to have a chance to preserve something worth saving (in someones eyes), and rl intellectual property rules don’t apply here. If they did, beacons would have to be automatically fueled for several years.

Yeah, I don’t mean it in the literal sense. But it touches the same basic, something someone creates is theirs not yours. This whole “extend the time” (disable regen bombing) appears to me more like a means to have more time to plunder or take some cool stuff someone else made as your own.

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I agree with OP