Suggestion: Listing player blocks in current Beacon

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I’ve been wanting to know just how many blocks I’ve placed within my current settlement, and which kinds of blocks. Mostly out of general curiosity, but I’m pretty sure I’m far from the only one who’d love to find out just which blocks they currently have within their beacon, since some numbers could most likely be quite impressive.


Yes, please.
I’ve been wondering the same thing from time to time.

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This sounds like a awesome idea

Wouldn’t that also be needed in a blueprinting system?


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The issue that has been brought up before is the server load required to actually iterate through the user placed blocks to do the math and organize it. One a small chunk this might be ok, but for huge builds this likely would introduce lag based on what I heard before.

That would likely matter how they decide to do the solution. It could be a data blob that doesn’t actually count the specifics inside it.