Suggestion - New bomb forge boon that dosen't destroy blocks

Rather simple suggestion, add a new forge effect for bombs that allows them to not damage blocks.

I want to be able to use bombs for damaging groups of creatures in a hunt without having the area around the meteor look like a warzone


I would love it if this effect could also be applied to fists. I always use a fist during meteor hunts, but I feel bad when I accidentally punch a hole in the ground or in the block towers.

I would also like to not accidentally punch holes in builds that I have perms on when I do pest control :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I aprove it.

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I would actually use bombs if this happened.


That would be fun for hunts!:’)

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Yes! Making bombs viable on big hunts would be awesome


I support this as well ! Bombs need to be expanded upon. Anything that adds diversity to combat is a step forward.

Yeah I mean come on, you guys already made bombs almost pointless when you nerfed them. Throw bombs a bone here :joy:

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