[Suggestion] Renameable Tools

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I was just noticing this below:


And it got me thinking. It would be really nice if we could rename our tools at the forge or some other way. To prevent profanity and abuse, names could be given using any possible combination of words allowed by the game:

For example I’d like to name this hammer something like, T6 Lasting Heavy Builder, as that’s a good description of what this forge is to me.

But I was thinking that the words allowed would go beyond the scope of boons or roles too, and so also allow words like Oort, Oortian, Roadrunner, Hopper, Desert Sword, etc, basically all the names of stuff in-game, allowing you to pick silly or in-theme names for tools, too. Like Oortian Hopper Destroyer for a powerful fist weapon or something. :slight_smile:

My inspiration for this idea comes from the game’s own preset phrases system and also from the Dark Souls message system, which allows you to pick preset sentence structures with preset words of your choosing:


+1 Would love to be able to name my tools/weapons. Branding FTW!

What about a happy medium where we were able to choose from a predefined list of words to create different names for forged gear, instead of naming it a specific thing.

It’d tamper creativity a bit but still have wide room to get the job done. My biggest concern is this supposedly marketed as a kids game and people doing stupid things. At least with beacons and fools you can report the beacon names.


If you re-read my post you’ll see that was exactly what I was suggesting. :wink: Could you tell me where my wording was confusing or unclear, so I can correct it? :slight_smile:


Oh certainly I’d be happy to explain.

See what happened was [coffee_delivery_failed] as a result I only read a snippet of the post :crazy_face:

Funnily enough I guess because of the title of your post I instinctively looked for a name you might have suggested and started reading from there. Explains why I missed your proposal. Apologies.


Yeah, I like this idea - presets probably would be a must, but would just want to make sure they could be renamed too, since as of now I buy almost all of mine. It would really come in handy since with a very quick glance I could know, ok, that is my quirky one, that is my T7, that is my Epic Fail, ect.


Even if they named it based on the boons/quirks it had that’d be cool. I’d like this too though.

We kind of already name our Were/Sol Hammers and Axes when we’re selling. And the Scubaxe. Doing this officially would be superb.

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