Suggestion: Weather/Event Toggles

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Hello friends!

As the Winter events have started occuring, it came to me-- while a winter storm sprung up near me, placing the blocks on my new roads, I wonder if others would optionally turn events or all weather effects off on their planet – or maybe a particular environment for the whole planet-- like setting Day/Night always on the planet, or perhaps always in the Dust-storm mode? Maybe someone is going for a themed set of builds on the planet, and you LIKE the fall-like leaves falling always?

Would this be possible as a toggle or an option Sovereign planet owners can set on their planets when they set their colors? – Obviously for Events this would be on a per-event basis – Can you "disable events on this planet for " – Normal planets would have no choice in the matter, and would be something that can be toggled on/off.

Not sure how feasible this would be, but figured I’d throw it out there.

If it were up to me, I’d absolutely LOVE to keep the red-moon and Howling effects from halloween on all year. Drops or not.

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In the past this was discussed as the sort of thing that might be allowed in the private planets, not shared with the public universe.

It seems minor but being able to tune a planet for events like this, or specific activities, is a solid bit of imbalance. By tune I mean that the weather is an impediment to other activities like gathering (key to some events). Same with the day/night cycle.

I realize that’s not what you’re wanting but it’s a direct result of the feature. Hunting planets with no weather and stuff like that.

No idea, of course, if Monumental will feel differently.