Suggestions to fix constant plot arguments about griefing

I think what might be the problem is that right in the tutorial the game tells you to join a settlement.

This almost always ends up with the person finding the nearest settlement and plopping down a beacon.
More than likely it is in an undesirable spot.
But how would they even know? Unless its right in front of a road i guess, but the game told him to!

I think instead the tutorial should tell them to build up their beacon and make their own settlement. Then it might lead them to want to join a settlement since having one on your own is lonely or boring, in which case I think most people would _ask_to join one.

Just a slight tweak that could make the difference between a percieved griefer and a helpful community member.


The idea is to plot your cities in advance, so you control who can move in, so trolls can’t just plot over you. It’s already done, but just really manually and the plot owner and the receiver have to be online at the same time.

This is highly flawed. Anyone can play the presitge war game and get the control to lock people out or create other problems.

I only have to read this much and I would like to vomit.

This is also can create some abusive situations. Ugly is subjective. Nobody but nobody should be allowed to punish or pressure another player by force. because they think there is something wrong with their build. Furthermore more again, Anyone can play the war game.

Just throwing ideas out here is all.

Looks like a lot of people like the “house movers” idea though!

Anyone have other suggestions or ideas to share?

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@James said this was done in original iterations of the game, but it ‘made’ people tend towards building towers everywhere.

Which was probably far from pleasant nor creative I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

the last 2 here im all for as long has the Adjacency fee is super clear when you are placeing down your becon or adding the plot and the house movers in general would make leaveing ghost towns alot easyer.

the thing with that tho is if they find out to late that building a settlement is a lot of work and want to join one they may not have the will to tare down everything they just built up and instead take a brake

There should be no cost for moving structures. This should just be in the game. So long as the plotted area being moved fits the new location you should’ve able to place it down. I don’t understand why there should be a cost involved especially since it sounds like it is intended for the person who originally plotted.

Both the adjacency fee and the house movers are great options. Though I can imagine some server issues with someone trying to dump their 1500 plot nightmare in an already full area.

It may need a reasonable upper limit to discourage making a build that supersedes the communal “look” of a city or area.

The adjacency bonus is good as well. You can plot the plots and if someone gives you permission at a later date, you get the excess plots credited back. It’s a simple fix for “proximity” issues.

It would also allow devs to wash their hands of all but the most egregious of issues when both are combined. I don’t think it would be effective to use one or the other exclusively.

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@james made this post a little while back!

Well, i am confused.
How do city owner have that much plots at first place ?
Also city owner and their team need times to get enough plots to plot all the area they need.
Between the time, its when most people attacked by trolls.
When we are still working on getting plots to secure our city, troll already take couple spots and ask you for the high pricing.

10k is NOT very much tho…
when I was a noob, for my first house, all i had to do was lay a floor, put up some walls, 4 machines and gleam in the roof for lighting. I already had 10k… it’s not that hard. It doesn’t take much for someone that works well in groups to go and join one, at that point it is far less likely for them to plot next to a settlement without saying anything or asking anyone.

@Jyanin… I have been wanting to post a thread about this but I’m only saying anything because you did it twice in this thread… (now the rest is not directed at you, but in general) please stop tagging the devs when you are just talking about them to someone else. this is like crying wolf. it devaluates the times when we need him to address something of urgency. The devs are very busy with things that are much more important than an old discussion topic. you can say his name but it doesn’t need the @ if it doesn’t require his immediate attention.

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Simple, don’t make a city if you can’t protect the plots. That’s how most plot disputes would never have happened in the first place. Assume that there will be trolls trying to sabotage and plan accordingly. And there already exist ransom cases so that wouldn’t change. But it’d be nice if the game would facilitate the safe transfer of plots, so nobody can snatch them when you unplot and replot. One attack vector closed.

edit: To clarify I’m talking about the current state of the game. If I were to make a town, I’d be too scared to leave it up for trolls to ruin, so if I didn’t have enough plots to protect it, I wouldn’t create the town. If this was changed somehow so there was no risk of this, the point would become moot.

10x plots would help with that (protection)

Now the troll also has 10x the plots. . . I would have over 30,000 plots right now. Really after less than 6 months in game?

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Yes trolls would have more plots, but people could be more protective too, and plan ahead. “I’m building a 4x4 house but later I may want an 8x8 mansion with a road”

And that is the problem. If you plot what you want upfront then we have no issues. But people are going to change their minds (like your example you built a 4x4 house and now want to expand) or as the settlement expands they want to change the plan and maybe get bigger or grow in a direction they had not planned. So how do you account for this? More plots is not the answer because players will use those and then still want to be bigger and some other player may be in the way or have plotted adjacent to them in the direction they want to go. It is an MMO and as I have said in the past we are going to have to deal with other players doing things we do not like. If we do not want to deal with this then rented planets may be our best option.

I do understand the frustration when someone is next to you and it really affects what you want to build. I have removed multiple builds in EA and since launch because of this. But it is the game. I can deal with it or move my build. I think all adding plots will do is allow more players to reserve land in more places in case they at some point in the future want to build. So we may be dealing with more unimproved plots in the way of builds not less.


True. I think there are unrealized consequences to all of these suggestions. I welcome more feedback from everyone.

As much as the idea of the “house movers” option appeals to me simply because there are many times I have found better sites that I would love to just pack up my main base and move it lock, stock and barrel to, in reality I hope it’s a feature that never comes to fruition. Towns and cities would constantly just be popping up and disappearing literally overnight, there would be virtually no organic growth of an area as people settle in and establish their patch and then develop it. Instead you could be in a busy settlement and before you know it within a few days the town starts vanishing or you could be in an idyllic spot with great views to then wake up surrounded by a sprawling city. Too many people just want instant gratification these days.


It depends on how you define the size of city i think.
I was one of the big city hoster, (now i am taking break)
every big city except ps and ultima they start as a mid level size and then attract people to settle to become the bigger size. With limited plots (lets say under 9000 plots), you need a team to start a city. Unless you expect all the city hosters have friends in real life join their team at first place. Base on my experience, if only people who have enough plots can create the city, then most city you seem recently won’t showed up. Because city is a team project.

Yeah, that’s why I said in the current implementation I would not even try to make a coordinated city without the plots, since trolls will come, so what’s the point. We need a change to the mechanics if anyone should be able to found a city without a team. My renting suggestion was only to alleviate one attack vector in the current situation, as I said, if something bigger is done to change the paradigm totally, the point becomes moot. I merely meant it as a faster fix if nothing bigger is done.