Suji's Forging Ingredients

Just protection paste 2 was missing last time i called, not sure if thats something you usually stock :slight_smile:

Restocked the stands, and added some request baskets for sand and soil, i just can’t keep up!

Restocked coin for sand and soil, restocked all 3 shops with gums, 4 types of in-demand pastes and 2 smart stacks of vig 2!

These deals won’t last forever, get them while i can still maintain these prices!

(happy to do pre-tax hand-trades on any deals over 100k)

When are you usually on? I spend so much at your shops since they opened I could have saved a few k’s with direct trades! :smiley:

@Sujimichi88 are you still playing? Your portal at TNT has been down a while and I really need to stock back up lol!!

I can probably get his attention on the aussie discord about this and figure out whats going on for you :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah I haven’t seen him around for a little while… I was subcontracting him to keep my shop full of forged stuff but the stands he was running have been empty a while with cash still in him… hopefully it’s just a short hiatus

He does have several ingredient shops, some may still have a little stock

Fingers crossed! I feel truly lost without a cheap forge ingredients shop!
I came and bought a couple of grapples and some slings from you infact the other week cos I can’t forge right now (I’m too lazy to make my own ingredients now a days, I probably could but being able to buy SSs at Sujis prices has made me sooo lazy :laughing: )
They haven’t been on the forum for 2 weeks, hopefully just a holiday and will be back soon :crossed_fingers:

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Suji has some personal IRL stuff going on but he hasn’t quit. He’ll be back :blush:


Ohhh that’s great news. Well about the return anyway, hope their IRL stuff is all good first of course!

His GF does have a really cute new puppy that may be absorbing all his attention.

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It’s really cute lol :heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue:

I wanna see! Got pics?

This adorable furry creature!


My god! <3


Oh my god. He is forgiven 100% :laughing:


Any ingredients in particular you need? I usually have a few stacks of everything sitting around and the ingredients to craft many many more, lol. Can sell for the same prices he was.

Vigour cat 2 mainly, think I have a small stock of everything else! If you have a couple of hundred that would be awesome!

oh dear my precious precious Hopper cores… which you probably sold to me, haha

Sure I can spare a couple of 100. Ummmm… we’re kinda just about to do the great Lutrion snowball hunt to plot me a level 6 meteor around home.

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Omg too cute!!!