Suji's Forging Ingredients

Are you a big-time forger who goes through stacks of compounds? Did you just start forging and want to start a small supply of the most popular ingredients? Well then you’re in luck!

After a few weeks worth of fund-raising and stocking, Suji’s Forging Ingredients has now opened in 3 locations!

We sell most of the popular forging (ingredients using feathers excluded, we’re still in the process of getting a few batches of those) ingredients, for the cheapest prices ive seen on the markets! Every location has 1 item for a special promotion price, while stock lasts.

We’re conveniently located in:

Sunken city mall:
Waterfall alley (straight across from the TNT portal), second shop on the right.

Naughty mall:
Near the end of the yellow hall, shop 138

Duskmoor mall!

And if there’s anything missing, let me know and i’ll whip up a batch for you!


Oh boy I’m going to get myself in soo much trouble now.

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I believe you need to restock quite a bit…

And I’m poor now, sigh

I was kinda missing stabilisation paste 2 BTW.

Opening day was quite the success! Several stands are empty, but fear not, there’s thousands of forge ingredients being extracted as we speak!

There’s still a few good deals left across all 3 stores, and i’ll be restocking in a few hours!


Suji’s prices are unbelievable, which explains his low stocks as it only takes one big fish to buy him out, great work mate keep it up👍

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blub, blub :joy:

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Eh what now? Because I said ‘blub, blub’???

Perhaps you misunderstood, you talked about one big fish and since I cleared out most of his 3 stores, TWICE, I wrote that to say I am probably that big fish…

No idea why that would be considered being a toxic forum lurker…


If indeed this is true I apologise, though believe me I’m not the only one who had no idea what it was to mean…Post retracted

Yep, think I spend around 500 to 800k in his stores yesterday, lol, got soooo many mats now, well, had, since I’m forging a lot. Soon you will know why I’m forging a lot. Well, unless you visit my shop now, then you will know too, haha.

I didn’t buy everything, the things I do not use like Protection Paste I left alone, I use Stabilisation Paste 2 and sadly Suji doesn’t sell those, hence why I mentioned above that I was missing that one! I also do not use Decon Resin all that much so didn’t clear out those shop stands…

Prices are amazing! For those prices I rather buy them than craft them myself and wait!

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Nope Stabilisation Paste, tho it kinda works the same ans Invig. Paste except on stability (ie. anything that doesn’t use stability will add 50 of it each round, like gums for instance! And rounds that do cost stability will use 50 less)

I probably could have said that better I meant stabilisation + invigoration, but yeah I think I know the method you are using, kinda cool that we can all use so many different methods to get what we want

But I do not use Invigoration Paste :wink:

And spend another 380k at Suji’s, sigh

Hugs xx :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I just did a minor restock, a bigger one should be incoming at the end of the week!


All stands are filled again! More pastes and catalysts incoming soon!


New deals up in all 3 shops! Pure boon 3 now being stocked, and fate pastes are back!
1 special deal per store while stock lasts!

Ive been using your Sunken City stall a lot since I’ve started forging <3 easy access for me and its super helpful to be able to bulk buy my missing ingredients, so thanks!
Great prices too

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Glad to hear! Let me know if there’s anything you’re missing and i’ll make sure to stock it for you when i can :slight_smile:

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