Sulphur fragment

Where do you find them?

Rock Stack is the only place I have seen it drop from…


I’ve also seen them drop on Vulpto while just mining rock, but it’s a very low drop rate.

That’s going to make it very difficult to make any healing brews…they all take restorative oil and that needs 5 sulphur fragments to make 1 restorative oil.

It’s not difficult to mine sulphur frags, any cave on any planet has rock stacks and they can be mined with the totem. You will often get several at a time from a single stack.

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I have mined a bit with my alt on solum harvesting every rock prop I see and have not gotten any sulphur, so I have not seen them everywhere.

You can get also Sulphur, Cobalt and Olivine fragments sometimes from sand blocks from higher level planets.
Edit: and saltpetre. Working at least in Munteen VII (I have Luck 100 - 100% drop rate but don’t know does it matter)

You’re right- I’ve confirmed they don’t drop on home worlds. My apologies for the previous error- but I have confirmed that dropping a fragment into the Atlas will track the nodes. I can provide you with a fragment for your atlas later this evening.

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Thanks that would be nice, I’ll check the debug list of users when I get on. If I don’t see you I’ll just head out to the stars and explore caves on higher level worlds until I find some. I remember finding one sulphur on vulpto on the test server.

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