Sun will be gone, FOREVER!

What if the Sun never returns? What if the Moon will eat the Sun completely and we will have to live in complete Darkness for the rest of our lives? THE END IS NEAR MY FRIENDS! Today’s the day when every singel one of us will die, The Apocalypse is here.

PRAISE THE SUN! To make it stronger, praise it, to defeat the Moon. The Moon wont bring us darkness until we say so! And so, every Child and Man and Woman rised from the underground, to praise and see and live in fear. The Sun is love, the Sun is life, and so it lives to stay alive.

######Prepare your An-us!


JUST HAD A LOOK THROUGH FOUR SUNGLASSES TO SEE IT … nothing happend, world still exists … idiots as well :frowning:

PS.: The last one is of cause not aimed to you. I just had a small hope that those bastards out there will kill each other or something like that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I vote for burning human hearts until it returns.

I prefer the beauty of the moon over that ball of lava

A great view of the eclipse from Denmark:


that sorta sounds like the first episode of my little pony.

That still won’t make me watch that ■■■■ xD

Hey now there let us don’t go there.

I know quite a lot of people that say it has an ok plot when you first get into it. I never really tried though 'cause i can’t take it seriously. xD

I think I watched the first and maybe the second episode. And I have to say, the plot isn’t better or worse than most other cartoons. And to be honest, I’d rather watch mlp than spongebob for example^^
If I knew someone who would want to watch mlp with me, I’d do it^^

well sounds like i entered a church of the sun god Leto


Yes my child, you did. Please, clean your hands and wash your head before you enter, for that you can recieve the full glory of the Sun!

And remeber, this is not an Temple of They are just amateurs and stole our name because we didn’t get an copyright in time.

BTW. I missed the Sun Eclipse… XD

The moon is like 100 times smaller then the sun so the sun will eat the moon and there will be no seasons ):

416 times to be more exact and the seasns is based on the earths location with the sun, the moon does the tides.

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Thats what they want you to think

idiots, the sans is a fot-type… duh!

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