SunkenCity Mall of Aquatopia introduce of Gen. 2.0 Guild-Fraction based Shopping-System

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like the Titel says we have re-engineered the Guild-Fraction based Shopping-System with better footfall behavior, numbering scheme and sign in procedure.

Main innovations are:

  • Shop-spaces running on much more Characters (from 4 to 18)
  • They are arranged now in an Mosaic pattern instead of bulks beaconing
  • On one side of the Shop frame is now always a book for easy sign-in procedure
  • PM-boxes are placed in nearly every Street, Processing-time should be now ~24H
  • Also, we have a new numbering scheme that’s based on Roads and plazas
  • Long inactive Shops get stored in our LTS (Long Term Storage) & gets returned when the former user comes back online
  • All Shop-spots keepers have Tax-Epic and half of them have Gleamclub membership

When you open a new Shop-stall, build/set up it and stock it, you receive 25k.
When you open a new market-booth, set up it and stock it, you receive 15k.

We still have many Prebuild-shell’s and Freebuild Spots + Marketbooths with
Size of Pre & Free are 2x2, 2x3, 2x4 and a few 2x5, Marketbooths are 1x1 or 1x2
also, we have a few big store spots with 4x3 & 4x4.

Clarification on Trust and who else has permission on the Shopspot:
-Besides you(Shop leaser) have also Xaldafax’s secondary Character Access for monthly Footfall payout & I with my secondary Character or/and Characters from my 2nd Account as Shopholder and management.
-Xaldafax & I (Aquarius/Which) are trustworthy Highlevel Backer that play since 2017 with thousands of hours in Playtime and experienced in many parts of the game.

Portal Connections are now:
TNT-Planetary Portal NZK, PS-Lamblis Cityportal, Elysium, Ultima- Aquatopian Empire Portal, Ult NZK Hub
more Portalconenctions in future

Mall Map with Shops:

New Mall Map:

Sample of easy sign-in book:

Other City Info&Goals in 2020:
-Reworking of Buugi-Plaza Design and Fountain Square
-Opening of Theme-park
-Opening of the Metro-Stations and tunnel system
-Garden Circuit District

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So wait, if I was to set up a shop in this mall, I won’t be the one owning the beacon for it? Or will the beacon be transferred?

You rent it if you disappear we store your item and cash and give it back as soon as you back into the game so items in mall last forever even if you quit this is to ensure the mall will have zero dead spaces as soon you back you have a shop avaible to use you can also anouce a break then we can deactivate it for as long as you take break if you come talk about it and it’s not years lo. We did lot off research in ff and you should be better off with using the system then owning itself Def in the long-run @SephirothWS contact wischl if you wonna go into detail


Just to add some credibility, my beacon in aquatopia ran out last december but when i came back last week Aqua had preserved all of it and every single item was still there. Didnt ask them to do it either, couldve taken anything.
10/10 city service.


from the new SCM Advertising-brochure - March 2020

Best regards,
Aquarius (Wschichl / wischl)


I have market 22 I think, it has worked out well for me too :+1: I also like the mall design.

I get money from the owner of the beacon periodically, and the item saving is like an insurance policy without strings

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This mall location has worked well for me, happy to be an older backer (my location is a bit remote but I don’t want to fix that now since it would take forever haha. I did just stock my mall location here, I like the faction system since when I took a break my shop is still there and I didn’t need to fuel it or anything


you mean theres a mall with 400 free shopspace big and small where you get nice footfall you dont need to get beaconfuel it stays around for more then 2years and when you afk for long periods your stuff gets saved for when ya get back and its directly linked to tnt network via a huge hub and it has 3 massive house build zones and you can also rent little market stalls shortdistance from that hub plus its completely free of dead shops and has trollprotection and a sweet info video

sounds pretty sweet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
more people should use this imo