Super Cheap Forge Prices


Sero’s Oasis

Bows 4k - 8k Shot Gun and Sniper with Range/Damage/Durability
Shovels 7K-9K T5 and T6 One Shots
Spanners 6k-7K Great for Hunting/Mining (6 Attraction & 12 Light) & Elite Repair Tool + 2,000 Durability
+4,800 Wear!!! Great for Repairing
Healing & Regen Bombs 3K
Grapples 7k - 10K Speedy Reel/Durability/Range
Hammers!! 8K-13K T6 1 Shot with either durability or speedy your choice!
Mega Fast/Strength $235 a piece
Chisels: Change Block Type on the way in the forge

How do you get here?

  1. Fireborn Shop Hub
  2. Portal Seekers Grovidias Te
  3. Hubbit Network Main Hub
  4. Ultima Aquarius Network


It is worth it