❤ Super EASY Rose Gleam Farming Spot/Method

I wanted to find the best way to get loads of this new Rose gleam as I know a lot of people love collecting gleam and I have also seen people collecting it reeeally inefficiently :+1:


Nice method I just stand in the middle of it regen and keep hammering around

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Yeh good idea, saves on bombs but I got bored of aiming around in a circle and timing the regen bomb throwing :upside_down_face:

This way you can just AFK your mind and browse your phone :joy:

Boundless supports having more than one key bound to an action (and Once Upon a Time you could do so through the game) but you can still edit the bindings directly to accomplish this… sounds like it might be a convenience to you be able to leave your mouse buttons alone but still have your keyboard shortcuts for them ^^

When I get a chance I’ll look up the syntax for it.

Love the videos :hearts: keep up the good work!


Ah yeh that’s right, even tho I’ve bound my left and right arrow keys to left and right click, I can still use my mouse to click too (which makes this even better lol)

Cheers mate! :heart: you too, thanks for the testing update! :+1:

My Easy way is to find a gleam Slayer lol

oh that’s nice… that’s a lot easier than editing the files to add shortcuts on top of the defaults lol… i guess the action buttons are a bit more durable than quick select and item slots ^^

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Do you have any tokens in a stand for this location or ones like it?

@Jiivita - I actually ahve no idea about editing the files in regards to shortcuts, but will definitely check it out lol, might be able to easify something else :smile:

@molav - I’m afraid not mate, but if you look on the [Amatis ❤] --[T4 - Inhospitable Lush Exoworld]-- [Active] thread, i think people have posted some coords there :slight_smile:

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