Super-enriched Bonding Agent?

How much would a 1 stack cost

I sell these for 350c, not sure what you mean by “a 1 stack”. If you mean 100 of them I’d be willing to meet up and hand trade with no tax. That’s 315c each.

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Ask @Undead

1 stack like 900 of them or is it cheaper if I go bulk get like 25-50 of them

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I have 4377 super enriched available at the moment.

I’ll sell you a smart stack for 279k.

If you mean 25 - 50 stacks, I doubt there is even that much out there for sale.

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No kidding!

@BabyCookie I only asked because when you said “a 1 stack” I thought you might mean a single stack rather than a full smart stack.

Pfft Pfft Pfft I’m making a Mega Build kinda need Alot of Mosaic but kurious if it would be cheaper to buy mosaic or the ingredients

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