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You need to Pin this to the top if it allows more than one pin.


lol nevermind


I was getting there! lol


Even if I got a :question: about something I have to use the link? Direct Msgs is a No No?

What’s the question, I’ll let you know :smile:

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I ordered a planet 4 or 5 days ago they took my money and didn’t give me a planet to create. I have email several times and no response


Did you use

Not in the spam folder either?

Also make sure to check the email thats used to make the purchase

Also @tiggs fix this darn forum system.
It looks more like a delayed chat site

Its not in the spam

I use paypal and my emails used to go to the email associated with it. But they have since started sending my codes to the email associated to my Boundless account. So if you Boundless account email is different than your payment source check the other E-mail.

This was taken care of already =)


I had a question. Can we still pass ownership of a sovereign to someone else?

Yes, Monumental is able.