Surface resource spawn question

I’m considering plotting some area so that it’s reserved, but would still like to allow surface resources to spawn.
A lot of the area is a flat surface that is exactly on the boundaries of a plot.

My question is, will surface resources spawn ‘on’ the surface, when the space where they spawn is outside of a beacon, but the block they would spawn on is inside of a beacon? Has anyone done any testing for this?

(And yes, I suppose I could just plot above the area to be sure, but was mostly just curious).

Resources will not respawn in plotted areas, but the the surface area is just “reserved,” then they will respawn (ie. if the surface is above or below the 8x8x8 plotted area).

So basically youd have to build a massive wall over the area you want to preserve, like ridiculously big so you can have a massive regenerating area all to yourself . Which would be rude af, but allowed :’( as many people have already done this with gem hotspots

As Snazzle said, I recommend just digging out and plotting the row directly under the surface. That way the materials you are trying to continue regeneration with will stay reserved. In that state, other people can take them but they cannot build there or claim there, so your resources will stay safe.

You can’t. Anyone can harvest resources on reserved area. If you plot area, no one can harvest it but you, but it won’t regenerate.

Yeah, that would be rude, and I’m definitely not intending for that. I just found a nice island with several different resources that spawn and I wanted to keep the land clear of other people plots so the plants could respawn freely. I’m not planning on preventing access to other players. Eventually, I might even get a portal set up to it.

Yes, if you want to harvest an area all to yourself, you will have to plot all around the area you want to reserve. You then would have to plot above and below the area you want reserved (keeping the surface outside of the plotted areas).

Once you have done that, you could build walls and a ceiling which would keep people out of the reserved surface area.

Once you done that, all it takes is to dig under the floor, get back to sanctum and back to world. You should be right at the unplotted surface :wink:

Thanks for the replies.

In the end I decided that It was flat enough that I could plot over the entire thing 3 plots off the ground. I think it’s worked out better. It was much easier to see if I’d missed any. much easier to remove them later, probably clearer to anyone trying to plot there why they can’t, and finally, more guaranteed to get the results that I wanted than beaconing the plots that run from height 56 - 63 and hoping that ground resources that should spawn at height 64 spawn properly.

I guess if I ever get in a sciencey mood, I can test that another time.