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Holding Space all the time while in water is so annoying. Is there any way to stick to surface automaticaly?
If not, I think will be great to make such option.


I agree. It is highly annoying. Also, if you switch to another menu to look at something while you swim, you will sink.

Neutral buoyancy would be a welcome change.


Then what are we supposed to do when we want to go down? Press the space bar to go down instead of up? lol It’s fine as is as we can go up or down as we please.

We can swim down by “C”. It’s not a problem.


We can also leave it as is. It’s not a problem and has been working a long time like it is currently.

Mostly we dont dive. we cross water. It will be much more comforlabe if character could stick to the surface with no need of holding Space all the time to breathe.
If you need to dive you can always press C.


You can remap your keys the way you like can’t you? Never did it as I like the way it is, but, I thought I remember that ability existing. I like the space to go up in water because it is the same key as jumping to go up. Consistency is easy like that. Space is up.

The problem Saber is talking about is that while swimming most people, myself included, tend to try to stick to the surface of the water, but in order to do that space must be held which, when crossing large bodies of water, can become strenuous – especially for people with joint issues – so having natural buoyancy – like is in most games – would be a nice change. As has already been stated the key mapping – space to go up and ‘c’ to go down – can remain the same for when you want to dive or surface.


I would like to see pubg’s swimming in this game to be honest.

My largest concern here is the fact that a connection error could potentially kill the player. On top of that reaching into the menu’s becomes hectic.

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$14 xbox controller from walmart + usb port = stay on the water’s surface by holding “A”. I’ve also re-mapped some keys on my keyboard. I use keyboard + mouse + xbox controller to play BL.

I’m exploring a planet. Want to get all the regions mapped. My thumb hurts from holding space for swimming.
It would be really great if sinking was ditched in favor of floating. There’s no gameplay to be done underwater, except some resource gathering. We don’t need to dive automatically or just make it configurable.


And if you ever do need to dive, it’s at the speed of smell without a sink forged item.

Entering large bodies of water is dangerous if you have pets or children at home that may suddenly need care. Not fair to take a death penalty because of real world responsibilities imo. My workaround is to return to sanctum. You don’t even have enough time to get a glass of water or go to the bathroom before you drown.


Maybe with the guild updates we can eventually see a skill that increases breath time, or increase underwater movement?

I do wish there was a skill to increase this, I’ve been building underwater and drowning is almost a daily occurrence lol

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I’ve been about to start drowning before and returned to sanctum because I couldn’t get to the surface in time.

Swimming is such a pain I stopped exploring and hunting mostly because of the swimming. It discourages play for me.

Just because it’s always been this way doesn’t make it less annoying.

Neutral balance would be preferred. Nothing changes control wise. I vote yes on this with also adding a floating quirk. Hurray I’m a genius!

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