SWProzee1's Hub Question

@SWProzee1 there are a lot of rumors floating around about your hub now and I think it is important that everyone has some transparancy since so many people have shops at your hub and connect to your hub. I just want to ensure that people don’t wake up one day because they were gone for a week and find the hub gone or things changed that would really affect them.

Instead of asking you alone I figured I would make it more visible so people are informed since many have relied on the work you put into this game and changes in your setup could really affect their existing operations and plans…

From what I understand there are two things going on:

  1. Your hub was surrounded by someone else’s plots and they wont let you expand or get some of the plots.
  2. You are giving out the red refined gleam to protest the Vulpto red gleam griefer so the big building is being taken away.
  3. Or is something else happening that isn’t listed above that is causing the changes at your main hub?

So the primary questions people have been having are:

  1. Are you shutting your hub NETWORK permanently and removing the building?
  2. Are you MOVING the main hub building to another location on Septerfon or another world?
  3. If either #1 or #2 is happening how long do people have before your portals close from the existing Septerfon location and their shops will be isolated?
  4. If you are moving, will the new place offer spots for shops? If so, will people that have shops in your existing main hub get first pick in the new location?
  5. Are any of your other hub network locations changing?

Thanks buddy for the details…


Thx for those questions Xaldafax.

First I would like you to refer to this post as that clears things up already:

Now I will answer each question that you wrote down.

No surrounded, there was 1 leaf block with a beacon on it that was fully fueled. The beacon belonged to a player called “Imbecil” and he did not build anything for about 4 whole months. Also I never met him online before till today.
So of all places in this large ocean/planet, he had to plot directly against the portal hub. I tried contacting him before but he is never online and he is not active on the forums.

Well, actually to protest against all troll actions. On Munteen the player “Imbecil” also blocked a road and I did mention that earlier on this forum too. And we all know about the troll actions of Nature and him even taunting us with a red gleam pole in front of the chisel contest building of @Cookviper. This trolling should be taken care of.


No, I would not ever shut it down completely and the building will not be removed as the player “Imbecil” removed his blocking beacon today in front of me and 5 other players.

No need for that anymore.

This does not need an answer then anymore.

This also does not need an answer anymore.

No, simply no.

I plotted extra around the hub and will plot more till I have the plots covered that I want for expanding.

If you have any more questions or concerns, please reply and I will answer your questions. :slight_smile:


I think that imbecil guy also did the same in elop portas, eventually pulled back.


Wow also on Elopor, I did not know that. I hope he unplots his plot on Munteen also blocking the road from going further.

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