Sydney Marble

The Gleanbow event is over, time to restock the Sydney City Market! Come check out the new Marble stall, many colours stocked in all varieties.

You can find Sydney via Boori Portal Seekers hub, TNT megahub, The Hunt Hive and Fireborn Nomad Hunt Lodge.


About time! :wink: best place for marble for sure.


Deep Green seeds perhaps? Bought all you had…

You have I only 1 rose gleam

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You need rose gleam?

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I did restock some seeds yesterday, probably not the quantity you need though. Busy sorting gleam and setting up a multitude of gleambow request baskets today, then I need to finish off mosaic stall… then I may be able to go seed crazy :grin:


I’m looking for all rose gleam ever produced lol I want rose ornate chests not those ugly black ones but I want a mass craft it for the worth lol

Looking for 200k worth of deep green at 2c each. Going to be setting baskets up for them.

Added some exotic colours to the Sydney Marble stands, get them whilst stocks last! :grin:


Or get them before stock goes up! :wink:

Before you need marble to make fancy slingbows :nerd_face: