Taking over settlements suggestion



  1. to take over a settlement (As the bigger one) you’d need the permission of the warden in game.
  2. if you do not, encircling the settlement so they can’t expand would be considered greifing and you still won’t absorb their prestige since that would require you to have the wardens permission.

This concept would do a main thing really. It would give the power to the smaller settlement which with guilds goes half way. not everyone wants to be absorbed by bigger settlements and not everyone wants their hard earned prestige to go toward a settlement that might be hostile to them.

As it stands now (as far as im aware of, let me know if it’s otherwise) a big settlement can take over and absorb your prestige regardless if you are guilded. and there is nothing you can do about it. your prestige get’s ‘used’ to get them or keep them at the top of the world and your plans and desires won’t be taken into consideration unless they decide to, at which point they might not be hostile anyways. We need a way to defend our settlements completely from those who desire to play aggressive toward everyone. The planets are big yes, but apparently sometimes this isn’t ‘big enough’.

Please be civil in the disccussion, i want to hear your ideas on this both pros and cons. Especially if you believe there can be another way to do this. than just needing permission from the warden of the settlement.


That was their intent with guilds, Yes you get absorbed, but being in a guild shows that when you enter the area. and will list seperate in rankings as a settlement with your guilds tags. Allowing the wardens permission would cause more griefing. someone would create a whole row of stuff beside your city and when it touches, and it will if close enough, they will report you for griefing. No real way to do it without making someone mad. Guilds solves it in a pretty decent manner.


This would be amazing.

Right now I am in the process of dismantling my 9mil prestige town due to a hostile take over from Portal Seekers. Despite telling them that building up the prestige of my town was the only fun I had in the game and asked them not to they decided to anyway.

I’m just going to put stuff in storage in just a couple beacons I can fuel easily manually and ditch the rest so I don’t have to keep paying for gleam club but still have all of my stuff for when content is released for the game.


It’s disgusting what these members of the Portal Seekers are doing to you and the community right now. It seems like some of them are starting to think that they are above everyone else in the game and that it’s okay to just walk all over us to fulfill their own agenda. It isn’t fair that they should be able to get away with it but because the game mechanics allow such behavior, they can.

The guild system isn’t working in these kinds of situations. The old problems still remain and something needs to be done about them. The settlement absorption issue and the mechanics that allow it need readdressed. Soon!


Portal Seekers aren’t organizing this, would you mind contacting someone in discord?


All of this is really confusing because PS is walking over nobody… can you do the same and contact someone in discord


Like I understand people feel passionately about the settlement absorption stuff but beyond our HQ on Grovidias Te we don’t have agendas past keeping portals open o.0


I wasted my birthday talking to one of the Veterans in your Discord and explained that I did not want to merge. It is still happening.

Organized by Portal Seekers or not, any action by someone labeled “Veteran” will come off as an action of the guild.


It’s not. I’ll confirm it’s not. Can you message me the name of the vet in question?


i was thinking it more along the path of encircling the settlement itself…that is…blocking off the settlement from all sides…if its just touching in a couple areas then sure it won’t be greifing…as with all greifing issus however reporting it takes up the devs time so that in and of itself might cause more harm then good on that front.


Believe me, I would love to. But I am not getting anymore involved than I have already because I would like nothing more than a peaceful and mutually beneficial solution to come of all this. Jankey wishes to solve this matter diplomatically and I’m afraid that I’m a little too angry right now.

Thanks for the offer to include me in the discussion though. That is appreciated.


Yea, youll be surprised what 1 person with a few alts can do. They will alt on 2-3 sides, get a friend to do another. then you want grow. So you hop over them now youre on 2 sides. Thats closing them off. and itll be a gray area that wont end well. People will be people.


Literally only need someone to message me here or another veteran+ in Discord


It was a person who did something but I can’t say their name here.


i hadn’t considered plot hopping…yeah that is a black hole of griefing where the truth is up in the air


My bad, I misread and thought Fallon had asked who it was. If someone actually did something I don’t see why that can’t be shared on forums?

Seems like censorship to me.


Naming on the forums is against the ToS so I asked for a message and meant pm or Discord, but I saw it before the edit.


This had nothing to do with Portal Seekers. Zip. Notta. Let’s make that absolutely clear.

Secondly, let’s get the facts of the event straight, for consideration:

  • A city was offered a merge with another, an alliance of sorts under a new mutual flag. This came up because a city was plotting out a planned expansion and the borders were getting much tighter. Offering a peaceful merge made sense and it was pursued.
  • That merge was declined and that decision was fully respected and everything was backed off as promised. The expanding city even offered to see if they could scale back their expansion to give more room.
  • The city offering the merge was then forcefully blocked from future expansion, even nowhere near the city not wanting to merges’ borders.
  • A forced merge was performed under the pretense it would be undone when the blocking was lifted.
  • The blocking was lifted.
  • The merge was undone as promised.

The diplomatic solution was achieved and the event was sorted and done yesterday. There is no reason it needs to continue today?

It’s an unfortunate situation that could have been avoided. The city that offered the merge is still going to do all it can to ensure there is no accidental merge. It was stated very clearly from start to finish that wishes not to merge were going to be fully respected. Nothing has changed on that front and those wishes will remain respected.

As far as expansion is concerned, the two cities in question are expanding into a small space between them (obviously not on all sides). That’s also unfortunate but the way it is. Part of expanding is planning out the main thoroughfares well in advance. In this case the city perceived as “encircling the settlement” has just as much right to have planned into that area as the other. And they did. There is nothing wrong with that action and it isn’t intended to be greifing.


I’d like to say, dood. You put a lot of work into that response and you have been nothing but friendly besides the time you thought I had acted in aggression when in fact it was someone else trying to protect the city with more plots. (Would of just made more connections and not saved anything but meh, it happened and hopefully they learned.)

I want to make it clear I’m not trying to attack anyone at all. The reason I said it was an aggressive takeover from Portal Seekers is because it was a town that is controlled by the Portal Seekers Guild. They have the most prestige there so they are in control of it.

Much like how the news would tell you “Local Papa John’s employee is in a high speed chase” just because they have the car topper on, having that guild tag means your actions represent the guild to people outside of it.

At this time I’m still dismantling the town because this whole situation has been really uncomfortable and I am choosing to remove myself from it. Building up prestige for the town was the only thing I was having fun with in the game anymore and now that is just stressful.


Boundless just sucks at this point. Jankey is one of the few streamers the family enjoyed watching.

Boundless is never going to live up to the kid friendly rating they push the forums to be seen as. It will never live up to that because it’s a sandbox game that allows and errs on the side of jerks being jerks ‘because it’s within the bounds of the very limited rules.’ That sucks mightily because it’s driving away content creators and groups of people as a whole.

Sad to see/hear the city is being torn down. The kids and I just went to the slippery slide tower the other day and had a good goofy time for a while. There were a lot of other cool additions we got to check out also.